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Migrate and Modernize Your SAP Sybase ASE Applications with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

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SAP Sybase ASE customers are looking for a seamless way to migrate production applications to a modern, cloud-first, scalable data platform.

Various technical and business drivers are influencing the decision to migrate

Processing bottlenecks
Increasing data sizes and processing workloads can cause SAP Sybase ASE applications to slow or stop. For mission critical applications, these issues can cause significant damage to the business.

High cost and complexity to scale
SAP Sybase ASE’s dated architecture makes it challenging for financial services organizations to easily and cost effectively accommodate the current volatility of today’s financial markets and workloads. Since Sybase ASE scales only vertically but not horizontally, organizations must procure larger hardware with more CPU and memory to scale, which is more expensive and complex than scaling out horizontally on commodity hardware and in the cloud.

Reduced engineering and technical support
SAP’s recent reductions to Sybase’s engineering and technical support staff are a concern for many organizations.

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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

InterSystems IRIS® is next-generation data management software. It is optimized for seamlessly migrating and executing mission-critical production SAP Sybase ASE applications with a minimum amount of effort.

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Key Benefits of InterSystems IRIS for SAP Sybase ASE Customers

Speeds and Simplifies SAP Sybase ASE Migrations

InterSystems IRIS data platform supports standard SQL and provides built-in capabilities to automatically migrate T-SQL commands, functions, and stored procedures without change.

High Performance, Low Cost

InterSystems IRIS provides high performance for concurrent transactions and analytics workloads, is extremely resource efficient, cloud agnostic, and scales both horizontally and vertically, lowering infrastructure costs. Compared with SAP Sybase ASE, InterSystems IRIS consistently provides higher performance using less infrastructure.

White Glove Support

All of our customers are supported by our best-in-class Worldwide Response Center, providing expert, high-touch technical assistance to our customers 24 hours a day, every day.

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InterSystems IRIS Provides Superior Performance: Prove It For Yourself!

To demonstrate the comparative performance of InterSystems IRIS against SAP Sybase ASE, we benchmarked the two products in an apples-to-apples comparison. In this test, InterSystems IRIS inserts 48X more records and runs SQL queries 56X faster on the same infrastructure in the same amount of time.

For more details and to run the performance tests and validate the results yourself, please visit

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