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Real-time Insights, Integrated into Your Workflows: Introducing the HealthShare Analytics Solution

Timely, Actionable Insights to Make Better Decisions Without the Complexity or Cost

Unhealthy data hurts the enterprise, costing organizations roughly $12.8 million every year and consuming 80% of data scientists’ time, researchers have found. That’s why a unified care record, like the kind created through InterSystems HealthShare®, is vital for healthcare organizations to obtain clean information when it matters most. But did you know that HealthShare can also form the foundation of your analytics strategy?

To help your organization make the most of its data, we spoke with Dr. Fred Azar, Healthcare Analytics and AI Business Development Executive at InterSystems and a longtime industry leader who’s worked with IBM Watson, Philips, and Siemens. Dr. Azar’s mission is to ensure customers’ unmet analytics needs are addressed, and spread the benefits of the InterSystems HealthShare Analytics Solution (HAS), a new tool with capabilities to take your data strategy to the next level.

What is HAS?

HAS is a cohesive, end-to-end, scalable analytics solution that enables providers, payers, life sciences, and medical device organizations to fill any gap. HAS generates and delivers actionable insights at scale and in real time from aggregated data, with less complexity and cost.

What problems does HAS solve?

Healthcare institutions often struggle to make actionable, timely decisions because of significant issues with massive investments in data warehouses, huge data latency problems, and data duplication.

Once you solve these problems, imagine what’s possible. You can consolidate and harmonize data at tremendous scale from disparate sources, which enables you to control your data while collaborating across all functions in and outside your walls. Your entire organization gains access to the same high-quality, clean, validated source of truth, updated in real time. And if you need to build applications, we can operationalize analytics, AI, and machine learning, including through:

  • Real-time predictive and prescriptive model execution
  • Notification delivery
  • Direct integration into EHR workflows

How are HealthShare customers leveraging HAS?

As an example, to meet federal demands for improved care among at-risk populations, one large health system launched a diabetes wellness program. The organization previously relied on an Excel-based approach to enrolling target patients, but it yielded low results. Using InterSystems technology, the health system can now identify patients who meet enrollment criteria when they come to the emergency department, immediately notifying care teams. With this strategy, the provider captured 6 in 7 patients who fit their criteria, driving wellness program adoption from 15% up to 85%.

Another InterSystems customer is using HAS to help clinicians meet incentives for value-based care, decreased workloads, and cost. The health system raised post-discharge follow-ups by 150% and cut readmission costs by 300%.

Why are you excited about HAS?

Our customers are not just doing analytics for the sake of it — they are doing it to change the business for the better and improve patient outcomes. The area where we perhaps differentiate ourselves the most is with our capabilities to deliver workflow-integrated insights in real time, which means we can inform the right person at the right time with the right actionable insight.

Want to learn how the HealthShare Analytics Solution can optimize your organization? Contact Dr. Fred Azar today.

This story originally appeared the HealthShare Connections News Flash No.7 – October 26, 2021

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