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InterSystems HealthShare Product Family


InterSystems HealthShare®, our interoperability platform, provides industry-acclaimed data aggregation, normalization, deduplication, and care management capabilities. With the InterSystems IRIS for Health™ data platform at its core, HealthShare creates a longitudinal Unified Care Record that stores comprehensive, clean, and healthy data for each individual. Working with your EHR and other systems in real-time, HealthShare delivers this data into your familiar workflows, giving you and your patients the confidence that comes from decisions based on complete and accurate information.

Unified Solutions, Unified Information, Outstanding Results

HealthShare solutions work together to help you leverage the power of the Unified Care Record and healthy data across organizations and communities.

The HealthShare family includes:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record, the foundation for collaborative care, innovation, and process transformation
  • HealthShare Care Community enables the entire care team to partner with the patient to connect, collaborate, and plan care across the health ecosystem
  • HealthShare Personal Community empowers patients and families with the information they need for better outcomes
  • HealthShare Health Insight leverages all your information assets, including unstructured data, for analytics and to deliver actionable insights when and where needed
  • HealthShare Patient Index, a single source of truth for patient identity and demographics within a healthcare enterprise or across a healthcare community
  • HealthShare Provider Directory automates collecting, consolidating, and sharing of accurate provider information
  • HealthShare Health Connect, a healthcare interface engine that accelerates the process of connecting all patient information sources and formats
  • InterSystems Payer Services offer a path to operational value and a foundation on which to build toward market leadership, all while supporting your compliance and value-based care journey.

Individually or in combination, HealthShare solutions help you:

  • Unify distributed health systems
  • Deliver care more efficiently
  • Collaborate seamlessly within and across organizations
  • See the big picture with analytics, machine learning, and AI
  • Innovate and lead your organization forward

Advanced FHIR Capabilities and Flexible Interoperability

In fragmented healthcare systems, assembling a complete view of patient data requires integrating data stored using a variety of formats and standards, from multiple sources. To make this easier and faster, HealthShare supports all the major national and international interoperability standards, including the latest versions of HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), HL7v2, and multiple CDA formats. With HealthShare aggregating and storing all its data, regardless of source, in a single, consistent format, you can easily deliver clean data for FHIR-based applications, analytics, and applications of artificial intelligence for knowledge discovery.

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Multiple Deployment Options with InterSystems Managed Services

You can deploy HealthShare on premises, in the cloud, or as a service managed by InterSystems. As a Managed Service, HealthShare eliminates the burden of purchasing and managing the infrastructure required for highly available solutions.

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Proven technology and trust in your vendor are critical to the success of the new solutions you will rely on to carry your organization forward. Contact us to learn how HealthShare and InterSystems can deliver both for you.

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