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InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight - Fact Sheet

Unlock the Value of Unified Health Information

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InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight gives you real-time actionable insights for care, and in-depth retrospective analysis for clinical, business, and population health management. HealthShare Health Insight is the analytics companion to our HealthShare Unified Care Record software. When you combine the Unified Care Record’s extensible, longitudinal patient information with the capabilities of Health Insight, you can:

  • Automatically identify patients for community-wide care management, registries, and population health management
  • Create clinical and business dashboards
  • Highlight gaps in care with event and time-based notifications to clinicians and care managers
  • Monitor performance over time for process improvement and quality measurement

Part of the comprehensive HealthShare Analytics Solution, Health Insight contributes to your smart healthcare data fabric with a curated, patient-level healthcare data model to support advanced clinical notifications.

Key Features

Healthcare Data Model Designed for Analytics

At the heart of Health Insight is a curated healthcare data model that makes HealthShare data available for use by report writers, analysts, and data scientists. This patient-centric data model spans multiple domains including, but not limited to clinical, claims, and social determinants, and can be expanded. As you extend the information in your unified care record, the healthcare data model extends your analytics capabilities to match.

Data Quality Management

High quality decisions require high quality data. So, Health Insight tracks and exposes the sources of the data it contains, including information such as the sending facility and coding standards in use. This helps ensure provenance is known, can be vetted, and can be trusted. When relevant data in the Unified Care Record changes, and is propagated to Health Insight, consistency checking monitors these and other trends over time so you can explore and continually improve data quality.

Dynamic Intelligence for Actionable Insight

With a single lab result, missed appointment, or emergency room visit, an individual can move from one population cohort to another. Health Insight monitors your data pipeline from across your health and care ecosystem to identify relevant events, or the absence of events, and then dynamically updates the patient cohorts of interest to your team. Dynamic cohorts can be included in clinical and business workflows to optimize decision making and care by:

  • Clinicians and care managers, who can subscribe to notifications for Emergency Department admissions, abnormal lab results, and other clinical events.
  • Quality managers, who can subscribe to notifications based on performance over time, or missing events, to identify gaps in care or changes to calculated risk scores
  • Population health managers, who can leverage dynamic cohorts to focus resources on the most vulnerable members of a population

With actionable insight delivered into your workflow at the point of decision – EHR, dashboard, or wherever you spend your workday – Health Insight’s dynamic cohorts help to close the loop on information management.

Share Data and Insights Across Organizational Boundaries

Health Insight enables the use of data by disparate teams with a smart healthcare data fabric. Separate instances may be deployed as needed for new use cases or business units with each instance populated with only the data needed for the use case or team. For example, a subset of data relevant to a patient cohort – based on diagnoses, geography, healthcare facility or other criteria – may be shared with a particular care coordination team. Shared data is kept up to date dynamically and automatically.

Built-In Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities

Health Insight includes a set of OLAP cubes to support end-user dashboards. Drag and drop analysis capabilities enable non-technical users to examine the data at any level, performing complex queries with ease. Health Insight dashboards display live business metrics. Sample dashboards and templates minimize the time and effort to create your own syndromic surveillance, performance measurement, or business management reporting.

Flexible Deployment Options

Health Insight is one of InterSystems HealthShare Cloud solutions. When you subscribe to Health Insight Cloud, InterSystems designs, hosts, and delivers the integration platform so you do not need to purchase, operate, secure, and maintain the infrastructure yourself.

Health Insight Cloud services include:

  • All data center resources, including hosting, hardware, and network capacity needed to run the solution
  • Ongoing maintenance of all solution components
  • Customer-specific configuration and implementation services to bring the solution live, including building connections
  • 24/7 support for the solution including real-time monitoring
  • Seamless upgrades
  • Sophisticated security and data protection programs

Health Insight is also available on premises/private cloud as container-based deployments or traditional kit-based installations.

Analyze and Act on Aggregated Data with Confidence

Becoming a data-driven organization requires reliable, quality data and trustworthy analytics. InterSystems helps you with both. No other company knows the acquisition and curation of health data as well as InterSystems. Currently, over 1 billion health records worldwide are managed using our technology. HealthShare Health Insight is part of our comprehensive HealthShare Analytics Solution, which leverages over 40 years of InterSystems interoperability, data management, and data harmonization expertise to simplify the process of getting critical insights from your data. Insights that patients, providers, administrators, and payers can trust.

Customer Support and Education

When you select HealthShare, you get more than technology. You also get our acclaimed customer support and extensive educational opportunities.

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