Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, Thailand

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) is the largest private hospital provider in Thailand with 26 hospital branches across the country. Its Bangkok Medical Center (BMC) is a 4-hospital medical campus featuring numerous specialties, 650 doctors, the pervasive use of advanced technology, and a focus on patient care that draws clients from Thailand, Asia, and around the world. BDMS relies on TrakCare to help it meet the highest standards for care and operational efficiency.

case-study-photo-thaiBDMS chose TrakCare because it provides an Internet-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR) with a single view into patient information from across all departments. This unified information environment is delivering significant value for BDMS, as physicians now have immediate access to comprehensive patient information, from drug allergies to orders and results. For example, when doctors order laboratory tests through the TrakCare EPR, those orders are immediately available in the Lab module. As soon as a result is posted by the laboratory it is viewable by physicians using the EPR. The shared EPR minimizes turnaround time, enables cumulative results viewing, and ensures that physicians have all relevant information before deciding on a treatment plan. TrakCare has virtually eliminated lost laboratory requests, lost results, and duplicate ordering of tests.

TrakCare’s Internet-based architecture enables anywhere, anytime access to patient data, making it easy for care providers to connect to the system using mobile devices at the point-of-care or remotely. BDMS is now trialing iPads for ordering and observations, enabling care providers to work more efficiently.

With TrakCare, we have a unified system that has increased our efficiency and given our doctors more time to focus on patient care.

Sasidharan Sreedran, Organization Development Director
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced duplicate orders
  • Reduced lost test results

The Bangkok Heart Center, part of BMC, benefits from the power and flexibility of TrakCare. They have extended the TrakCare Lab module with interfaces to point-of-care test devices. Test results from these bedside instruments are recorded in the TrakCare Lab module; the information flows automatically into the rest of the TrakCare system — available to all authorized caregivers and linked to the patient for billing and other purposes.

“With TrakCare, we have a unified system that has increased our efficiency and given our doctors more time to focus on patient care,” notes Mr. Sasidharan Sreedran, Organization Development Director for BDMS. “Quicker turnaround time on test requests and immediate information availability at the point of care are driving even better clinical decisions and outcomes.”

TrakCare not offered in the United States.

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