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TrakCare Go-live with BloodNet at Launceston General Hospital is a First

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COMPANY: Launceston General Hospital (Tasmania, Australia)

CHALLENGE: Automate manual processes to improve the efficiency of an online ordering and blood management system, BloodNet.

OUTCOME: Thanks to the integration of TrakCare and BloodNet, duplicate data entry has been eliminated, time has been saved while accuracy has been improved. For patients in need of blood it means they can get the right blood product faster and safely.

InterSystems is pleased to announce the successful go live of the interface between TrakCare Laboratory and an online ordering and blood management system at Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania, Australia.

BloodNet is a web-based service made available by the National Blood Authority which allows staff in health facilities across Australia to order blood and blood products in a standardized way quickly, easily and securely from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (Blood Service).

So why is this important and does it really matter to the hospital? Thanks to the new blood labelling standard with a digital interface, Launceston General Hospital has been able to cut the time it takes to receipt and record blood products by an impressive 75%. Additional benefits include streamlining and automating tasks while increasing safety and accuracy in managing the ordering and stocking of blood products.
Launceston is the first laboratory in Australia to interface its laboratory system into the national BloodNet system utilizing the ISBT128 coding standard. The interface between the two systems eliminates double-entry and speeds up the transfer of data between all the stakeholders responsible for managing blood products.

Previously manual processes are now automated thanks to the integration of TrakCare and BloodNet:

  • Importing of receipted items from BloodNet into the TrakCare;
  • Fating (transfer or disposal) of received items from TrakCare into BloodNet;
  • Regular updated inventory stock levels into BloodNet.

In summary, duplicate data entry has been eliminated, time has been saved while accuracy has been improved. For patients in need of blood it means they can get the right blood product faster and safely.

To read more and what the laboratory users at Launceston have to say about the benefits of the new solution, click here.

This story originally appeared the March 3, 2021- OnTrak News Flash No.7

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