TrakCare Rapid Deployment

Dr. Rami Riman, InterSystems Middle East

DoctorsDuring a pandemic like COVID-19, unifying screening tools, as well as accurate statistics around positive and negative cases become mandatory. However, government officials and others must be able to also monitor available resources such as ICU beds and ventilators from a regional or national level, and not just at the level of a single hospital group.

InterSystems was quick to offer a pre-configured, lightweight version of TrakCare that can be deployed rapidly with limited functionality to help address these issues. Customers can decide later whether to expand the use of the system and add more functionality or simply extract all the data collected once the original need is fulfilled.

Using this model, the organization would be able to register patient demographics, allocate beds, use screening tools, and identify patients with positive and negative COVID-19 results.

TrakCare’s PAS (Patient Administration System) function allows for identifying bed locations for these patients and includes essential information about the bed type (ICU, CCU, normal bed) and the resources booked for the patient (invasive or non-invasive ventilator, for example). Locations, floor plans, users, and other configurations can be uploaded in bulk to reduce the implementation time.

This solution includes a simple patient chart for easy data viewing and data entry with order and diagnosis favorites pre-populated, which increase adoption and streamline patient care.

Hosting the solution in a unified data center and utilizing the latest mobile-friendly TrakCare User Interface (UI) ensures mobile access from any location and any device. The simple and practical design ensures rapid deployment and significantly decreases training times.

From day one, this solution offers government bodies access to real time analytics on the total number of cases screened, total number of positive cases, their locations, and the number of beds / ventilators still available for use.

The key to this delivery model is to focus on an “out-of-the-box” approach and go live with the system as it is. This is realistic given the small solution footprint and enables clients to achieve results in a very short time.

This story originally appeared the May 6, 2020- OnTrak News Flash No.3: The Fight Against COVID-19 newsletter

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