InterSystems’ advanced software technologies power several breakthrough healthcare applications that serve the armed services in the United States.

The Department of Defense Military Health Systems (MHS) bases its primary health information system, as well as a similar system used in combat deployments, on InterSystems Caché®. When they upgraded from their legacy database system to Caché, the DoD MHS experienced a dramatic increase in performance and scalability, reduced hardware requirements, and a more open environment for greater interoperability.

va2-jpgThe Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) runs the largest healthcare system in the nation, comprised of over 1,300 hospitals, clinics, and other facilities, and treating more than 5.4 million patients annually. Their keystone application is the Caché-based VistA electronic medical record (EMR). Via a Web portal, VistA instantly provides doctors with a complete medical record, including clinical and historical data, for each patient they treat. The VistA system also includes a physician order entry module and will bring up reminders for follow-up care, immunizations, and so on.

The VA uses InterSystems Ensemble® to let veterans tap into the VistA EMR through the My HealtheVet personal health record application. My HealtheVet allows veterans easy access to their own medical history, lab results, etc. They can use My HealtheVet to schedule appointments, exchange secure messages with their physicians, accurately track and graph health indicators over time, and produce a printed report of vital information to take to clinicians outside the VA’s electronic network. My HealtheVet is a model for empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare, and for improving care while lowering costs.

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