Icons Inform Clinicians about COVID-19

We have updated and expanded the icons that inform clinicians about the COVID-19 screening and diagnosis status of patients based on feedback from the early adopters of the functionality. Five icons are now available; customers can choose to implement some or all of them depending on local care practices and use of the screening assessment questionnaire.

Optionally, customers can integrate with ICNET Clinical Surveillance Software from Baxter for those customers who use this solution. In this case, the infection control alerts received from ICNET can trigger the ‘Positive COVID 19’ infection Alert in TrakCare.

The typical workflow would be that laboratory systems send results to ICNET, which automatically creates alerts on receipt of positive results. Alternatively, alerts can be manually entered into ICNET as part of standard operating procedures for managing COVID-19. In either case, the integration allows the TrakCare Alerts to be automatically generated via ICNET interface, eliminating the need to manually enter these in TrakCare.


This article originally appeared the April 3, 2020 – OnTrak News Flash No.1: The Fight Against COVID-19 newsletter