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A Greater Return on Clinical Data Archiving Investments with HealthShare
Clinical Data Archiving with HealthShare

You expect clinical data archiving to reduce costs. And that’s usually the end of the story. But with InterSystems HealthShare® it’s just the beginning. HealthShare goes beyond simple record retention and system decommissioning. It unifies past and present data to help you create a better future for patients and your organization.

HealthShare collects and cleanses patient records in legacy systems and securely stores them in a single, unified care record. No other vendor has more experience connecting to health information systems and aggregating patient records than InterSystems. One example is at Providence Saint Joseph Health, a US health system operating in seven states, with 119,000 caregivers serving a population of 9 million. HealthShare aggregates patient records from 45 unique electronic medical record systems serving Providence communities in California and Texas to create one unified care record for each patient.

From Archiving to Digital Transformation

Legacy data is only the beginning. HealthShare unifies current information from across your entire health and care ecosystem to eliminate silos and form the foundation for clinical, technical, and business transformation.

Turn Legacy Data Into Current Insights

Your HealthShare unified care record is available to the entire care community, including patients and families. Embed it in your current electronic medical record (EMR) systems, or give access to any authorized user via a Web browser. More importantly, use it to power your organization with data, analytics, and insights to enhance care and clinical workflows. For example, when you have both current and legacy data, you can:

  • Automate the identification of dynamic patient cohorts to improve resource allocation and care coordination
  • Harness real-time analytics and trending to inform decisions at the point of care
  • Understand patient history to improve care for the neediest patients

Use the chart below to see why HealthShare is the strategic solution for clinical data archiving in a rapidly changing healthcare industry.


HealthShare is the strategic solution for clinical data archiving chart

“We have used InterSystems HealthShare for a number of years to integrate hundreds of interfaces with 24×7 support. The product is easy to use and more importantly extremely reliable.”

Customer Response

Northwell Health uses HealthShare to aggregate patient records across 23 hospitals, 665 outpatient facilities and more than 18,500 affiliated physicians. The unified care record gives everyone a complete view of the patient and supports innovations in care coordination and population health.

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