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Bloor InBrief - InterSystems IRIS

Bloor Research

A Bloor Gold Mutable Award 2022

By Daniel Howard – Senior Analyst, Information Management

Bloor In Brief - Mutable Quadrant - InterSystems IRIS
The image in this Mutable Quadrant is derived from 13 high level metrics, the more the image covers a section the better. Execution metrics relate to the company, Technology to the product, Creativity to both technical and business innovation and Scale covers the potential business and market impact.

Hybrid real-time use cases are common in financial services (for instance, fraud detection), retail (customer personalisation), manufacturing/IoT (detecting errors, predictive maintenance), and various other industries.InterSystems IRIS not only caters to these environments, but it is going to be more cost efficient than many of its rivals, thanks to the fact that you only need to store your data once and in only one place.

Moreover, we consider InterSystems IRIS to be highly performant and scalable. It is, for instance, quite capable of processing transactions, indexing incoming data, and performing analytics on both real-time data and non-real-time data (that is, historical data and reference data) at scale and in real-time.

The platform also takes pains to make sure its analytics are not just highly effective in theory, but easy to build, access and use in practice. This is described by InterSystems as the ‘last mile’ of analytics, and positioned as an essential capability for generating real value from analytics technology. We are inclined to agree.

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Daniel Howard – Senior Analyst, Information Management, Bloor
Bloor In Brief: InterSystems IRIS

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