InterSystems Health Informatics Platform is a robust solution for developing and deploying highly interoperable and secure healthcare applications. It is the foundation for InterSystems HealthShare, InterSystems TrakCare, and your connected health solutions.

Healthshare health informatics platform


Data is at the heart of any healthcare application. Healthcare data comes in many forms—records, images, events, documents—and formats including structured and unstructured elements. Our health informatics platform includes powerful, multi-model database technology that enables applications to efficiently store and retrieve all types of healthcare data within a common and consistent environment. This is the same data technology that powers over 50% of the medical records within the U.S.

Standard by Design

Healthcare standards are essential to all healthcare applications. They are also complex, confusing, and continuously evolving. When you create applications with our health informatics platform, we take care of standards compliance. The platform has built-in support for global healthcare standards including FHIR®, HL7®, IHE, and X12. We constantly update and certify our products to remain current and compliant.

Mobile Ready

Modern applications have to be delightful. Users demand fast and easy access to the information and services they need in the form they want. Our health informatics platform includes the front-end frameworks and back-end services you need to easily create modern mobile as well as responsive web applications for healthcare.

InterSystems’ health informatics platform: Transforming healthcare application development

InterSystems’ health informatics platform contains the complete data management, connectivity, and analytics services needed to create meaningful healthcare applications, but does not include HealthShare’s Health Data Model. The platform features:

A Brilliant User Experience
The health informatics platform brings together the data, analytics (working with unstructured as well as structured data), and business services needed to power a solution; publishes these services using efficient and secure REST and Web Services; and delivers a sleek and personalized user experience via mobile and responsive HTML5 frameworks.

Business Process and Workflow Management
Built-in support is included for long-running guaranteed business processes as well as coordinated human workflow. Easy-to-use graphical designers for rules and business processes let you quickly automate business processes and information flow.

Open Connectivity
An open architecture makes it easy to connect, working with .NET, Java, xDBC, SQL, XML, REST, JSON, and more.

Development Tools
The toolset for software developers includes development environments, visual business process and rule designers, and code generation frameworks.

Standard Interoperability
The platform supports a number of healthcare standards, including HL7, FHIR, CDA® and CCD®, NwHIN Direct, DICOM, X12, ITK (UK) and more.

Enterprise Management
Enterprise-class system operation and management capabilities ensure high performance and maximum uptime for your applications, and quick resolution of problems should they arise.

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