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Extend Your Unified Care Record

A unified care record is an investment for today and the future. The unified care record is extensible, allowing you to add new types of information as they become relevant. Another way this investment pays dividends is by making health data available to new applications through HealthShare’s FHIR gateway.

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Keep Legacy Data Available and Relevant

Electronic health records aren’t just an IT investment – they are the backbone of safe, effective care. Yet too often, when a new system comes online, older records are buried in a static legacy data archiving system.

When you use HealthShare for clinical data archiving , all the information about a patient remains accessible, within standard clinical workflows. You can add legacy data to your unified care record, or make your clinical data archive the starting point for your connected health strategy

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Connect and Integrate All Your Information Systems

HealthShare Health Connect integration engine is your health service bus for keeping data moving freely across your organization and between software applications. Whether you need to connect 1000s of devices with your EHR, ensure data flows between departmental systems, or build a new health IT application that is fully integrated with its data sources, Health Connect is ready for you. It includes all of the capabilities of traditional HL7 messaging engines plus support for all major healthcare interoperability standards, including IHE and HL7 FHIR®.

Also unlike traditional messaging engines, Health Connect delivers the high-volume transaction support, unparalleled process management, event detection, and continuous monitoring required for the “always on” business of healthcare.


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