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Powering Healthcare Software From the Bottom Up

It takes powerful technology to create transformative products. That’s why we leveraged our expertise as the creator of the most widely deployed healthcare data management software in the world to create a revolutionary Health Informatics Platform.

Streamlines Development of Connected Applications, Big or Small

The InterSystems Health Informatics Platform combines high-performance, highly reliable, and massively scalable data management, interoperability, analytics, and rapid application development capabilities.

It streamlines development of modern, connected healthcare solutions that can leverage big data for predictive, population-level analytics, or extract just the right information from unstructured text to deliver it exactly when needed.

When Lives and Livelihoods are at Stake – Reliability

Unlike platforms composed of multi-vendor technology stacks, every critical software component is crafted by InterSystems. This ensures that everything works together seamlessly at any scale, and improves the reliability of upgrades and maintenance.

Connected at the core

All InterSystems healthcare products are built on our Health Informatics Platform for aggregating comprehensive patient records and sharing information. With this foundation, you can advance your transformation to higher-value, more sustainable healthcare using

  • Our TrakCare1 unified healthcare information system to deliver world-class care within your organization
  • The HealthShare family of connected health products for care coordination, analytics, and interoperability

[1] TrakCare is not available in the United States.

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