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Advisory: Medications with a Blank "Start Date" may not Display in the Clinical Viewer

March 1, 2022 – Advisory: Medications with a Blank "Start Date" may not Display in the Clinical Viewer

On the Medications chart in the HealthShare Clinical Viewer, a medication's Start Date is drawn from the SDA <FromTime> field. If the SDA does not include a <FromTime> value, then the <EnteredOn> value is used instead to indicate the medication's Start Date. If neither of those is available, the Start Date column in the display will be blank.

The default configuration of the Medications chart uses Start Date as the primary sort field and Medication as the secondary sort field for the medication list. If a medication has no Start Date, then that medication is displayed at the end of the list.

End-users can modify the sort settings. If an end-user modifies the sort settings such that Start Date is the primary sort field and there is no secondary sort field, then medications with no Start Date will not be shown in the medication list on the chart.

In addition, beginning in version 2021.2 there is a new grouping feature. With grouping configured, medications that do not have a Start Date value are displayed correctly if an end-user does not change any grouping or sorting options. If, however, an end-user selects a different grouping option, then medications without a Start Date will no longer be shown.

If all incoming medication data has either the <FromTime> or <EnteredOn> field populated, then the issues described above will not occur.

InterSystems recommends that customers ensure that their medication data includes valid SDA <FromTime> or <EnteredOn> date values, in order to be able to use the sorting and grouping features. If you are unable to determine whether this data will be available, you may choose to disable the grouping feature for the Current Medications and Historical Medications profiles, and also disable the end-user's ability to select Start Date as the primary or secondary sort field for those profiles.

This issue affects all versions of the Clinical Viewer.

Reference HSCV-9244.

March 17, 2023 - Update: This issue has been corrected in version 2022.2 of the Clinical Viewer.


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