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Web-based Law Firm-Wide Information Management System Leverages CACHÉ Performance, Scalability for Legal Market Sector

Cambridge, Mass.—August 24, 2004—InterSystems Corporation today highlighted the launch of Filero, a law firm-wide information management system by Omega, an InterSystems application partner.

The world’s fastest growing database company, Cambridge, Mass.-based InterSystems provides high performance software products that enable rapid application development, integration and deployment for IT organizations and independent software vendors. Omega, headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is a leading provider of integrated accounting and practice management solutions to the legal and professional services sectors.

Filero is a scalable law firm-wide information management system that enables simple, full-text Web-based searches of all firm documents from any location. This single-click query enables lawyers or their assistants to search across all firm databases and applications to quickly locate and use firm files, including emails, PDF files, billing records, audio or video, or even CAD/CAM drawings for court presentations, allowing them to focus their billable hours on more valuable client needs. Omega will offer Filero—as well as Libero, a library management system already used by major law firms and more than 450 other organizations—to the U.S. legal market as part of an exclusive distribution agreement with German software company LIB-IT GmbH.

“The high performance, scalability and rapid development delivered by CACHÉ combined with Filero’s comprehensive features provide the synergy critical to success in the demanding legal sector,” says InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning Paul Grabscheid. “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with Omega as they bring Filero to market.”

According to LIB-IT President and CEO Jeremy Causley, Omega was an ideal partner for LIB-IT not only because of its technical expertise in practice management, but also because all three technologies—Omega Legal, Filero and Libero—are based on CACHÉ, which provides a unique fusion of two mainstream technologies in a post-relational database. Offering the full set of object capabilities developers prefer when building applications to run in the inherently object-oriented Web environment, CACHÉ is also fully SQL-compliant to support fast, easy queries. CACHÉ is designed for ultra high performance transaction processing applications and enables Omega Legal, Filero and Libero to support both historical reporting and real-time transactions from the CACHÉ database, which can manage extremely large volumes of even the most complex data.

Omega President and CEO Donald A. Gall agrees. “With Filero, law firms can now track files—whether emails or billing records—from one system rather than several, a much more efficient and less time-consuming process,” he says. “And when combined with Omega Legal, firms can also conduct conflict of interest searches through all their information, including their accounting system, emails and attachments, and other documents, making their conflict of interest searches much more reliable and complete.”

Solution for Information Chaos

“Filero just might be the answer we’ve been looking for to combat the information chaos that permeates throughout the law firm,” says Andrew Z. Adkins III, legal technology consultant with the University of Florida’s Legal Technology Institute. “With Filero, law firms can store all of their documents and emails in one powerful database that even lawyers themselves can feel comfortable searching through wherever they have Internet access. And with its full-text capabilities, they can get to the information they’re searching for in seconds, enabling them to be more efficient with their work day.”

Baker & McKenzie ( has already recognized the benefits of both Filero and Libero. In August 2003, Baker & McKenzie’s Frankfurt office installed a 500-user Filero system on a central server to control and manage files of all of their offices in Germany and Austria. Baker & McKenzie was already familiar with LIB-IT because they had been successfully using its library management system, Libero, for 4 years. Filero was selected because it could easily convert its 1.3 million data records and its flexibility enabled Baker & McKenzie to organize, control, track, archive and find all its client information in the best way for their firm. Filero was implemented within three months and went live with just a 2.5 hour videoconference training session to 70 team leaders, thus proving how easy it is to use.

Comprehensive Functionality

Filero, available for all common server platforms and network environments, enables the storage, archiving, scanning, managing, full-text searching, issuing, tracking and auditing of all kinds of information of any size.

Filero also offers:

  • Document security (LDAP) as well as access to central information sources, including full control on who has access to the files;
  • Tracking of version changes, enabling them to be logged, indexed and searchable;
  • Single point of content access through Web browsers;
  • The ability to check out files, with detailed audit trails of who currently has the document and when it was last checked out;
  • Ease of use, requiring minimal training for those conducting the searching;
  • Platform independence;
  • Single architecture design requiring a single server for most small to medium size firms;
  • E-mail management, including attachments;
  • Customized views for each user.

Pricing & Availability

Filero and Libero are available from Omega now, with pricing between $450 and $650 per seat.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems Corporation ( has served the needs of IT organizations and independent software vendors for more than two decades. InterSystems’ showcase products, the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform, enable the rapid creation and fast integration of high-performance applications.

Over four million people use mission-critical applications based on InterSystems’ software. Twenty regional offices serve application developers and integrators around the world, and 24 x 7 support is provided for all InterSystems products.

A free, fully functional, no-time-limit copy of CACHÉ can be downloaded or requested on CD from

About Omega

Omega is a privately held company that provides integrated accounting and practice management solutions to the legal and professional services community. Since 1975, Omega has been solving critical business issues for hundreds of law firms nationwide, improving their productivity, profitability and efficiency. Omega enjoys a 96% client retention rate, the highest in the industry. For more information, visit

About LIB-IT

LIB-IT GmbH was founded in April 1996 as a specialist company to provide innovative solutions to complex system applications that store and search all types of structured and unstructured data by the use of advanced object oriented database technologies, at a cost that customers can afford. LIB-IT offers Libero, a library-based system that now has over 600 customers in Europe. They have just introduced Filero, a document management/knowledge management system. LIB-IT also provides consulting, conversion and support services. LIB-IT customers include many universities, cities and companies, law firms, scientific institutes, banks and governmental departments. For more information, visit

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