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Jayex, the first self-service kiosk vendor to gain ITK accreditation, will help NHS Trusts meet Nicholson Challenge and improve patient engagement

ETON, UK – 14 August 2013 – InterSystems, a global leader in software for connected care, today announced that its application partner Jayex Technology Ltd has delivered to the NHS Trusts the first self-service kiosks to achieve Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) accreditation. By using the InterSystems Ensemble® rapid integration and development platform with industry-standard ITK capability, Jayex kiosks are much easier and faster to implement for a variety of connectable healthcare applications.

To meet the Nicholson Challenge of saving £20 billion by 2015, many NHS Trusts have understood that self-service kiosks help improve efficiency and reduce costs without detrimental impact on frontline patient care. Patients can now use the kiosks to manage their appointments, update their personal information, and provide immediate feedback on the care they receive.

Trusts with applications or business services that support the industry-recognised ITK standard can exchange information with a Jayex kiosk. This mutually extends the value of the investment in connected systems, with benefits for both patients and providers that include:

  • Greater patient privacy
  • Opportunities for patient engagement with easy feedback mechanisms
  • Reduced patient waiting times during hospital visits
  • Freeing frontline hospital staff to address patients with more complex or urgent issues
  • Improved quality of patient information and the management reports that use it.

Trusts that do not support the ITK standard can also use Jayex kiosks, as shown by the recent implementations at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and several Health Boards in Scotland. “At Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, East Grinstead, we have found the implementation of the kiosk services advantageous, as we can monitor patient attendance and flow live, without requiring clinical staff to spend significant time on administrative duties and paperwork.  We believe this system will help improve the level of service we can provide to our patients, as it is instrumental in our work to understand our clinic flows to design enhanced clinic templates that meet demand and provide a better experience for all,” said Jane Morris, Directorate Manager Clinical Specialities, Queen Victoria Hospital.

Innovative Trusts are finding more uses for the Jayex kiosk services than were first envisioned.  For example, some are considering how the kiosks can make it simpler for patients to engage in the “Friends and Family First” programme.  The electronic processing of surveys from patients or staff will assist the NHS in achieving the Government’s ambition for a paperless NHS by 2018.  Many other Trusts are also utilising the patient calling facility and realising benefits such as time saving and receiving real-time insight into patient flows.

Over the coming years, Jayex will extend its kiosk-based healthcare services to encompass multi-channel self-service portals. These will provide patients with the opportunity to check-in and manage their healthcare needs from the comfort of their own home using a mobile device, PC, or potentially a smart TV. Such services will also enable advanced analytics, with reporting and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) that support better patient care based on relevant and current statistical information.

Vik Parekh, Head of Secondary Care, Jayex Technology Ltd, said, “InterSystems Ensemble has provided us with the advanced interoperability technology on which to develop a rich self-service platform.  Now that Jayex has achieved full Interoperability ToolKit accreditation for its kiosks, we look forward to the widespread deployment of this important technology that will help enhance the patient experience and enable the NHS to achieve more consistent reporting, cost savings, and greater efficiency.”

InterSystems UK & Ireland Country Manager Jonathan Selby said, “Jayex’s ITK-accredited kiosks provide a breakthrough in the speed of implementing self-service kiosks, and their versatility increases their wider and long-term business value. Jayex’s innovations are a great example of how modernising ICT-supported processes can both improve healthcare services and make valuable cost savings. InterSystems is proud that our partnership with Jayex is enabling these breakthroughs in service delivery. ”

Jayex specialises in advanced information display systems and healthcare self-service solutions. Jayex chose Ensemble as it provides a seamless integration platform for the development of its new connected applications.  Other key advantages are that Ensemble has ITK capability “out of the box”, and it is recognised by many as the most widely used integration platform in NHS Acute Trusts and LSP data centres.

About InterSystems

InterSystems is a global leader in software for connected care, with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 25 countries. InterSystems Ensemble® is a platform for rapid integration and the development of connectable applications. InterSystems HealthShare® is a strategic platform for healthcare informatics, enabling information exchange and active analytics across a hospital network, community, region or nation. InterSystems TrakCare® is an Internet-based unified healthcare information system that rapidly delivers the benefits of an electronic patient record. InterSystems CACHÉ® is the world’s most widely used database system in clinical applications. InterSystems’ products are used by thousands of hospitals and laboratories worldwide, including all of the top 15 hospitals on the Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report. For more information, visit

About Jayex

Established in 1978, Jayex is a pioneer in the field of programmable display technology with over 23,000 customers worldwide in all business market sectors. Jayex provides off-the-shelf as well as custom designed solutions incorporating the latest innovations and advances in technology. The Jayex product range comprises: Touch Screen Self Check In Kiosks, Patient Call Displays, LCD Digital Signage, Queue Management Systems, and LED displays.

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