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e-DBMS System Lies At Core Of Customiser, a new Subscriber Management Solution For Exploiting The True Potential Of Digital Televsion

Eton, UK- September 14, 2000 – e-DBMS specialists, InterSystems, today announced that Japanese Satellite Television (Europe) has adopted the new Caché enabled digital Subscriber Management Solution from one of its newest VARs, Pinesoft Computers.

Japanese Satellite Televsion (JSTV) is the only Japanese language television in Europe and also distributes NHK World from Hong Kong. The company has more than 10,000 subscribers across Europe and offers programming options based on various subscription packages.

Pinesoft Computers has been providing management solutions for the distribution of television from Japanese Satellite Television (Europe) Ltd. for six years. The existing analogue system needed updating to incorporate more proactive management of customers, and allow JSTV to compete through the Japanese domestic recession. In addition, with the advent of digital television services, major updates were required to the Pinesoft Subscriber Management Solution (Customiser) to facilitate digital television distribution. JSTV were formerly running their Subscriber Management System on SQL 6.5, but the upgrade costs to migrate to SQL 7, were substantial and would have had to included upgrading the customer database.

As a result of these requirements, Pinesoft modified the existing SMS to add support for the Caché e-DBMS from InterSystems. The new version of the SMS is predominantly designed to handle interfacing to a Conditional Access System (CAS), which enables access to only certain services, including pay per view and subscription products. The new Caché enabled SMS enables increased performance and scalability and lower costs through fewer hardware and administration requirements just by choosing Caché as the engine. Furthermore, with Caché the company’s customer database did not have to be upgraded.

“Of all the databases we support, Caché is probably the most SQL-92 compliant of them all,” said Dr Stephen Dakin, Technical Director of Pinesoft Computers. “By supporting Caché with this new Subscriber Management System, we have not only significantly increased performance and scalability, but also reduced administration costs for our customers. As a result of the ease of portability, the excellent performance evaluations and reasonable upgrade costs, the new Pinesoft SMS is now allowing Japanese Satellite Television (Europe) to explore all of the new marketing potential offered by the digital television revolution.”

Lyle Andrews of JSTV, said, “The new system provides us with an end-to-end solution for the administration of our satellite subscribers. We are extremely happy with our new Pinesoft Subscriber management solution, Customiser, running on Intersystems Caché.”

Now live, the JSTV Subscriber Management System is the first Pinesoft customer to migrate to the InterSystems Caché as its platform, resulting in significant performance improvements that enable it to exploit the true potential of digital television.

About JSTV

Japan Satellite TV (Europe) Limited (a subsidiary company of NHK Enterprises 21 Incorporated, Media International Corporation and Marubeni Europe plc among others) has been broadcasting programming in Japanese since 1990. JSTV currently provides a five-hour unencrypted Japanese and English news service along with a fifteen-hour pay service including dramas, movies, children’s programming, sport and variety, to millions of households throughout Europe. JSTV has approximately 10,000 subscribers for its pay-service Europe. Their target audience is mainly comprised of Japanese expatriates and their families in mid/high level executive positions working for Japanese enterprises in Europe. The service is viewed not only by Japanese-speakers, but also by many others with a general interest in Japanese culture. It currently broadcasts from the Astra 1-E satellite at 19.2�E in Analogue PAL using VideoCrypt 1 encryption and in digital from GlobeCast NE’s transponder 94 at 12.597 GHz Vertical, FEC �, 27.5 MS/s, on Eutelsat’s Hot Bird 5 at 13� E in Q2 2000 using Philips CryptoWorks encryption system. Subscriptions are currently available for our digital service.

For more information, please call us at +44-20-7426-7330 or visit the JSTV website located at:

About Pinesoft

Based in Central London, Pinesoft Computers Ltd. are specialists in the production of high performance, scaleable business solutions. With a long track record in the logistics and distribution industries, Pinesoft are now aiming for Customiser to become the number one solution for the television subscription industry.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications, with over three and a half million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is an e-DBMS with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast objects and SQL, plus massive scalability. Caché features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications, and web development.

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