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Intraprend wins the 2001 Caché Innovator Award

Darmstadt, May 18, 2001 – InterSystems Corporation and International Data Corporation (IDC) have named the inventory management and production planningsystem WWS/PPS Manager from Intraprend as the best Caché-based applicationamong 43 nominations worldwide. Ditmar Tybussek, managing director of the companyin Wiesbaden, accepted the Caché Innovator Award, which carries a cashprize of 5,000 US dollars, at the beginning of May at the InterSystems WorldwideDevelopers Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The decisive factors in judging the nominations were: Innovation in the applications themselves, creativity in the use of Caché, and the extent of the technologies used from the post–relational e-DBMS. With WWS/PPS Manager, Intraprend was able to be convincing in all three areas. The jury was particularly enthusiastic about the general Internet-based approach of the inventory management and production control system.

WWS/PPS Manager combines e-commerce, e-shop systems, Internet, Intranet, customer relationship management, and work-flow within the Internet browser’s user interface, making true supply chain management possible. This means that the user need no longer leave his Internet browser ­ regardless of whether he is editing data, calling up statistics, recording parameters, or attending to other tasks with the system.

In developing Internet applications such as WWS/PPS Manager, Intraprend particularly values the extensive automatic Web functionalities that InterSystems offers with Caché. Further strengths of the e-DBMS are automatic session management, which allows transaction processing applications for the Web without laborious coding and decoding of status information, and so-called Hyperevents. The latter make it possible to react to any desired events in the browser with server-side application -logic and, as needed, to dynamically modify, supplement, or completely replace the entire HTML page or only individual elements.

“With the Caché Innovator Award we would like to promote the development of innovative Caché applications,” explains Michael Ihringer, marketing director for Central and Eastern Europe at InterSystems Corporation. “We are glad that, with WWS/PPS Manager from Intraprend, an application has won that consistently relies upon Internet technology. In this environment, Caché, which, as an e-DBMS, was developed right from the start for the demands of Web-based applications, is able to optimally display its strengths.”

About WWS/PPS Manager

The new Internet based inventory management and production planning system from Intraprend consists of WWS Manager and PPS Manager. Due to the modular organization of the system, both components can be used both individually and as a complete solution. WWS Manager comprises purchasing, inventory manage-ment and disposition, sales and order processing, a service tool for handling guarantees, and a personnel module with personnel time recording. PPS Manager includes bill of goods management, production planning, workshop control, calculation functions, and the recording of operational data. The WWS/PPS system, with its graphical user interface, database system, unlimited number of users, interface generator, mail integration, list and mask -generator, automatic update function, and language independence, forms the foundation of the complete software solution.

About Intraprend

Intraprend was founded at the beginning of 2000 by Barbara Tybussek, 34, and Ditmar Tybussek, 40. Both are managing partners and form the backbone of the company. Along with its inventory management and production planning systems, as future projects the company plans to develop additional Internet application programs, so that Internet application software will be available for the entire business logic of a variety of industries and company sizes. In addition, in the long run expanded and supplementary modules are to come onto the market, based on the individual software products, which will also be of interest to large companies with special system requirements. Detailed information can be found at

About InterSystems

With headquarters in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast and massively scalable objects and SQL. Caché features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications.

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