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Developers of Three Breakthrough Applications Recognized for Creative Use of InterSystems’ Advanced Software Technologies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—March 23, 2011— InterSystems Corporation, today honored the winners of its 2011 Innovator Awards. The annual awards competition, which draws submissions from software developers and integration specialists worldwide, recognizes those who use InterSystems technologies in new ways to create innovative applications and integration solutions. Entries were reviewed and judged by an independent panel of IT experts. Winners were recognized at the InterSystems Global Summit 2011 conference.

InterSystems develops and markets advanced integration, database and business intelligence technologies for breakthrough applications.

Innovation at Work

Optalert, based in Melbourne, Australia, received the first-place Innovator Award for its OPTALERT Fatigue Risk Profiler. The software-as-a-service solution leverages multiple advanced technologies included in the InterSystems CACHÉ® high performance object database to display real-time data on vehicle driver alertness that is gathered with the OPTALERT Alertness Monitoring System. Drivers see their alertness score inside the cab of their vehicles, and the easy-to-understand graphic user display of the Fatigue Risk Profiler enables managers and control room operators to simultaneously identify, track and monitor the fatigue risk profile of many drivers. As a result, companies and individuals are better able to reduce the human, emotional, and financial cost of workplace fatigue related accidents, particularly in the transport and mining industries.

Second-place honors went to Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest providers of financial services, for its AGORA Global Equity Trading Order Management platform. The AGORA marketplace put InterSystems CACHÉ to work in a new way to handle extremely high trading volumes—the third highest in the world. Credit Suisse made innovative use of CACHÉ as an in-memory database and distributed cache, enabling AGORA to insert/update 25,000 transactions per second into the database. Tangible benefits realized from the CACHÉ-based AGORA implementation include a ten-fold increase in throughput and capacity, reduced latency and cost per trade, and a 50 percent reduction in datacenter costs.

Winner of the third-place Innovator Award is Mater Health Services, an organization that manages seven hospitals located in Brisbane, Australia. The Mater Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platform addresses the challenge of creating a consolidated view of information residing in multiple specialized systems that are built on a variety of technologies. Mater used a broad array of InterSystems CACHÉ and InterSystems Ensemble® features and capabilities to build a fast, reliable and complete EHR system and to integrate diverse applications with that system so that 500,000 patients annually can receive efficient, high-quality care.

The Student Innovator Award went to a team from Wests chsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ), University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Their CommIT Health application uses InterSystems CACHÉ and InterSystems Ensemble to implement a modular architecture to accomplish multiple critical tasks tied to health care delivery. These include enabling use of ID cards to retrieve health care records across different systems, integration of health care data across multiple hospitals and nursing facilities, eliminating redundant manual data entry, and mapping geriatric care. The CommIT Health solution provides the seamless data needed for optimal health care delivery.

“We are excited to see how our customers are using InterSystems’ advanced software technologies to create breakthrough applications, and we appreciate the opportunity to honor these game-changing solutions with our Innovator Awards,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning.

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