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Successful Proof of Concept Results in Agreement for New Virtual Electronic Health Record

Cambridge, Mass.—December 20, 2004—InterSystems Corporation today announced that Hunterdon Healthcare System has signed an agreement to utilize its Ensemble universal integration platform for multiple new integration projects through 2005.

InterSystems develops and markets the Ensemble universal integration platform and, with its CACHÉ post-relational database, is the leading provider of data management technology in healthcare.

Hunterdon ( is a non-profit healthcare organization in Flemington, N.J., committed to providing a full range of quality services that respond to the needs of the community. Hunterdon Healthcare System has partnered with the Hunterdon Physician Practice Association to form Hunterdon Healthcare Partners LLC, an integrated delivery network (IDN) with facilities in 21 locations that serve approximately 347,000 patient encounters annually. Recognized for innovation in use of information technology, Hunterdon has been on Hospitals & Health Networks’ list of the nation’s “Most Wired” medical centers for the last four years.

Rapid Integration, Enterprise Scalability Fuel Agreement

Hunterdon’s IT strategy calls for replacing its current integration engine with Ensemble. The organization will be using Ensemble to build a virtual electronic health record (EHR) and a comprehensive, real-time executive dashboard application to monitor key clinical and commercial indicators.

“Ensemble’s scalability and rapid development and integration capabilities played a major role in our selection of this platform for our integration initiatives,” according to CIO Glenn Mamary. After examining a wide range of integration products and interface engines to enable Hunterdon’s strategy of integrating information across multiple internal and external systems and databases, the decision was made to move forward with Ensemble.

“We require an integration platform that will support our organization’s growth,” Mamary says. “That makes scalability a critical success factor for integration projects. Ensemble provides the scalability we need as well as the ability to deliver rapid integration and development,” he continues. For example, a proof of concept that involved building a pilot executive dashboard, integrating data from a variety of clinical systems was developed in just three days. That level of rapid development and integration far exceeds what could be achieved with the integration engine Hunterdon had used in the past.

“InterSystems proved that Ensemble works,” Mamary says. “And, we’ve been using QuadraMed® Corporation’s Affinity® Hospital Information System, which is built on InterSystems’ database software, for years. So, we can move forward with total confidence, based on InterSystems’ successful track record in delivering enterprise-scale software technology.”

“Hunterdon’s integration initiatives—the virtual EHR, in particular—epitomize the innovation and creativity that are indicators of true leadership in the healthcare sector today,” says Trevor Matz, InterSystems Managing Director, Application Integration. “It’s a privilege to partner with them on integration projects that help take information technology to the next level in enabling quality care delivery.”

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems Corporation ( has served the needs of IT organizations and independent software vendors for more than two decades. InterSystems’ showcase products, the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble integration platform, enable the rapid creation and fast integration of high-performance applications.

Over four million people use mission-critical applications based on InterSystems’ software. Twenty regional offices serve application developers and integrators around the world, and 24 x 7 support is provided for all InterSystems products.

InterSystems is the leading database provider in healthcare, with CACHÉ in use at the majority of major hospitals and labs around the world, including America’s 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report.

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