InterSystems Global Summit 2017

What’s an “Unconference”?

Unconferences have been described as “networking on steroids.” They are the ultimate peer-to-peer discussion experience.

An Unconference consists of ad-hoc discussion groups that you nominate and help facilitate. Unconferences are relevant – because you choose the topics. They are useful – because you can provide the best insights into real-world challenges and issues. And, Unconferences are fun!

Proposing an Unconference discussion:
This year, we are changing how the Unconference topics are chosen. Here’s how it will work:

At the Global Summit, we will have a table, and a “Big Board O’Topics.” Stop by on Sunday or Monday to suggest a topic you would like to discuss. Topics can be just about anything, but there are a few guidelines:

  • Topics should be technology-related. The “Star Trek vs. Star Wars” discussion should happen poolside, not at the Unconference.
  • Topics should be something your peers might care about. Issues or questions that are specific to you alone can be asked and answered in the Tech Exchange.
  • Topics should not be a thinly veiled sales pitch.

There will be facilitators at the Unconference table to help you refine/expand/tweak your suggestions, and come up with a snappy but informative title for the discussion. Facilitators will also suggest combining topics if there seem to be duplicates.

At the Unconference
On Tuesday morning, the fun begins! Check the Unagenda (online and on the Big Board O’Topics) for the time and place of discussions that interest you. Go and participate! It is assumed that the person who proposed each topic will kick off the discussion, but other than that, there are no rules.

Wait! There is one rule:

If, during the course of the gathering, you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, you must use your feet to go to some more productive place.