InterSystems Global Summit 2017

Technology Leadership Conference Agenda

Schedule subject to change


[Data as Value] Building Data Intelligence
Presenter: Dagmar Causley, LIB-IT
Data is the oil of the 21st Century” and businesses are more data driven than ever. As the amount of data generated by businesses grows, so does the challenge of building data intelligence around it. That means thinking about data life cycles in new ways. Dagmar Causley, the CEO of software developer LIB-IT, has been creating solutions that help organizations build data intelligence for over 22 years.

Ms. Causley will discuss the need for data intelligence within digital transformation efforts and how LIB-IT is already seeing improvements from InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ to support new models of Enterprise Information Management with the LIB-IT Filero platform.

[Interoperability] The API Imperative
Presenter: Bonne Beene, Marco Den Hartog, ITvisors
Do you see your technology assets as, well, assets? Companies are architecting and designing their technology as discrete sets of digital building blocks intended to be reused. The “API imperative” involves strategically deploying services and platforms for use both within and beyond the enterprise. The API imperative is a major trend organizations must embrace to extract more value from IT assets, drive innovation, and enable new business models and partner interactions.

ITvisors, will discuss how the API imperative is shaping rapid development and design principles in the IoT market and what it means for businesses to consider new approaches to development and data management.

[Analytics] Use Data to Act, Not Just Analyze
Presenter: Marla Tackett, Director of Strategic Development, FCFCU
With the advent of AI, the IoT, and other technologies, business events can be detected more quickly and analyzed in greater detail. Enterprises should embrace “event thinking” as part of a digital business strategy. By 2020, event-sourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions, and 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.

Marla Tackett, Director of Strategic Development for First Citizens Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) will explain how organizations can leverage modern data architectures to become “Event Driven” organizations, fully able to act on real-time data streams.

[AI/ML/DL] Rethinking the Data Refinery
Presenter: Scientific Cloud
AI and Machine Learning is reshaping the concept of business analytics, and while it holds great promise across all industries, getting AI and Machine Learning right, takes business discipline.

For many businesses, obtaining real value from AI/ML/DL will require that they rethink many of their data management processes to ensure improved data quality, traceability and validity of data sources. If data is the oil of the 21st Century, refining that oil to turn into AI/ML/DL black gold requires clean pipes to ensure quality delivery of data.

[Business Value] Disrupter’s Forum — The Value of InterSystems IRIS for Digital Transformation
Round Table: Open to all presenters
Faced with the imperative to digitally transform their businesses, technology leaders must look to new technologies to drive this change. InterSystems IRIS Data Platform offers a wide range of technology enhancements that make digital transformation possible. Technology leaders from various industries will discuss their rationale and anticipated benefits from their planned migrations to InterSystems IRIS.



[Scale] It’s A Matter of Scale
Presenter: Sam Merkouriou, Rhodes Group
Today, all business and technology efforts are facing the need to scale from inception. The challenge for today’s technology executives is not in finding good ideas, it is scaling them quickly and cost effectively.

Such are the challenges faced by the Rhodes Group is rolling out their solutions for value-based laboratory services. Sam Merkouriou, President of the Rhodes Group, will discuss his business needs, challenges and solution approaches to scaling with InterSystems IRIS.

[DevOps] There is no “I” in Cloud — A DevOps Perspective on Digital Transformation
Panel: Ken Couch, Jim Howell, Ben Kolb, Ontario Systems
Moving to the cloud is not a single event that just impacts your operations teams. Being successful in the cloud demands new ways of handling development operations (DevOps), new ways of thinking about product release cycles with your product management teams, and new thinking across the entire organization. A multi-disciplinary team from Ontario Systems will discuss the impact and changes migrating to cloud has meant for their organization.

[Cloud] A Walk in the Clouds
Presenter: Larry Williams,Partners HealthCare
Businesses in all industries are making the move to the cloud. Along the way, each organization must examine the business rationale and technical validity of moving existing systems to the cloud. Partners HealthCare has begun that journey and begun moving systems to Microsoft Azure. Larry Williams will describe the decision-making process that started the migration, business benefits Partners HealthCare hopes to achieve, and lessons learned from early migrations.