InterSystems Global Summit 2017

We have categorized all the Solution Developers Conference sessions by topic. These topics are designed to help you decide which sessions to attend while you are at the Solution Developers Conference. An alphabetical list of these sessions with descriptions and a daily agenda grid view will be available soon.

Session Topics


  • A Machine Learning Primer
  • Creating Intelligent Solutions
  • Embedded Analytics in Action
  • Getting the Words Out
  • InterSystems IRIS From Spark to Finish
  • It’s Machine Learning. Not Rocket Science
  • Open Analytics Platform
  • Spotlight on InterSystems IRIS
  • Visualization for Insight


  • Creating an Event Management Service
  • Developing with FHIR – REST APIs
  • iKnow Tissue Donation Program
  • Implementing a Document Exchange at Scale
  • InterSystems Healthcare Showcase
  • InterSystems Platforms and FHIR STU3
  • Meet Concurrent Need for Clinical Viewer
  • Patient Index Data Quality
  • Personal Community: Secure Messaging
  • Productivity for Interface Engineers
  • Turn Up the heat on Information Exchange

InterSystems IRIS

  • Adopting InterSystems IRIS
  • An Outlook on Scaling Out
  • API Management with InterSystems IRIS
  • Cross-Platform Interoperability
  • Getting Sharded with InterSystems IRIS
  • InterSystems IRIS for IoT – with IT-Visors
  • InterSystems IRIS – Power of the Platform
  • Sharding Scalability Tests in the Cloud

Rapid Development and Deployment

  • Advanced Cloud Provisioning & Deployment
  • API Design for REST
  • Choosing a Public Cloud
  • Continuous Delivery with Containers
  • Everyone is a Designer
  • Fast Provisioning on Any Cloud
  • InterSystems IRIS in a Container
  • Making Cloud Deployments Cost Effective
  • Modernize Traditional Applications
  • Photon and Other Atelier Enhancements
  • Storage Performance in the Cloud
  • Taking Applications to the Cloud
  • The Basics and Benefits of Containers

Running Fast & Safe

  • Building Powerful LDAP Configurations
  • Certificate Revocation and OCSP Stapling
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing SAML/Single Sign-On
  • Implementing vSAN for InterSystems IRIS
  • Optimizing Your SQL Queries
  • Tips for Hyper Converged Infrastructures

Note: Sessions and topics are subject to change.