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Health & Life Sciences

Advancing Health Technology Agendas

Clean, Healthy Data for Innovation, Insight, & Better Care
Do you deliver care, or develop software? Are you a data scientist, or a lab scientist? Do you spend your time inventing medical technology, or testing the next vaccine? Do you optimize payment policy for a commercial payer, or manage health policy for one of the world’s largest cities?

Whatever your role or goal, if you depend on health information you can depend on InterSystems.
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Driven by Data
From recording the APGAR score within moments of birth to the in-silica search for the next breakthrough drug, healthcare and life sciences depends on data.
Data to diagnose disease, manage care, run hospitals, power supply chains, and justify payments. Data to fuel research and discovery, measure efficacy, and inform health policy. Data to advance insight.

Just as the public health advances of the 19th century were driven largely by investment in abundant, clean water, the digital health advances of the 21st will be driven by abundant, clean, healthy data. No company knows health data like InterSystems.

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    InterSystems Products
    Powered by Interoperability
    Healthy data is useless if it can’t flow freely within organizations, across communities, between information systems, from devices to apps, and from healthcare providers to innovators.
    Interoperability standards like FHIR enable the free flow of data by ensuring that it is understood the same way from start to finish by systems and people. That’s why InterSystems invests in interoperability, and has done so for decades. It’s why we build FHIR into our entire technology stack from the ground up.
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    Insightful at Scale
    InterSystems technology and solutions power intelligent clinical workflows and real-time decision support wherever care decisions are made.
    They provide the analytics to manage an organization – or the health of a population. They’re built to mine the largest data lakes through machine learning and discovery. And they deliver the capabilities you need to compose your own smart health data fabric.

    Better Decisions for Care. Better Insights for Management. Better Data for Analytics and AI.

    Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf software solution to manage care or a healthcare-specific data platform to develop solutions, InterSystems can help.
    InterSystems IRIS for Health data management platform
    InterSystems IRIS for Health™ data platform is specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data. Our cloud-first data management platform empowers you to rapidly create and scale the healthcare industry’s next breakthrough applications.

    More About InterSystems IRIS for Health
    InterSystems HealthShare interoperability platform
    InterSystems HealthShare Connects providers, patients, clinical data sources, and payers through a unified care record and analytics that span the care continuum.

    More About InterSystems HealthShare
    InterSystems TrakCare® global health information system
    InterSystems TrakCare® unified healthcare information system is for organizations that want to make a difference in care by transforming care delivery and the patient experience through digital transformation.

    More About InterSystems TrakCare
    InterSystems TrakCare Lab Enterprise global laboratory information system
    InterSystems TrakCare Lab Enterprise makes your laboratory an information-driven, connected business. It incorporates global best practices taken from our successful laboratory software implementations in more than 400 labs in 25 countries.

    More About InterSystems TrakCare® Lab Enterprise
    InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect integration engine
    InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect is an integration engine that delivers high-volume transaction support, process management, and monitoring to support mission critical applications.

    More About InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect
    InterSystems Healthcare Analytics Solution
    InterSystems Healthcare Analytics Solution is an integrated and optimized suite of services for creating a smart health data fabric.

    More About InterSystems Healthcare Analytics Solution

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