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InterSystems IRIS: All of the Performance of In-Memory Databases, None of the Compromises

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What Is The Need For Speed Costing You?

In today’s business world, the need for speed is pervasive. Customers increasingly expect companies to meet their needs immediately with instant access, real-time visibility, and personalized point-of-sale interactions being just a few examples. It’s no surprise, then, that high-performance in-memory databases and caches have become popular. In-memory databases, free from the extra weight of persisting in-process state to disk, are fast and agile.

An in-memory database seems to be the best choice for performance, right? Not so fast. 

Read the Technology Brief

In-Memory: High Performance, High Cost

Weaknesses of in-memory databases:

Higher Total Cost of Ownership
In-memory databases incur high costs since organizations must buy and provision sufficient memory and servers to accommodate all of the data, ingest new data, process analytic workloads and return query results, and maintain backup copies of the data for failover.

Hard Scalability Limits
When the data and query workloads consume all available memory, processing stops and servers can fail.

Extended Downtime
When memory is exhausted and outages occur, rebuilding the database from log files and checkpoint files can take hours. Downtime and outages can be catastrophic to the business.

InterSystems IRIS: Higher Performance, Lower Cost

High Performance

An ultra-high performance database engine supports transactional, analytic, and transactional-analytic applications that reduce latencies and enable real-time insights and actions.

Lower TCO

There is no requirement to maintain all data in memory with InterSystems IRIS resulting in reduced hardware costs & lower total cost of ownership.

No Hard Scalability Limits

A highly efficient architecture combined with intelligent buffer management eliminates the hard scalability limits associated with in-memory databases.

No Downtime

Since data optimized for rapid random access is always persisted to disk, there is never a need for any database rebuilding efforts, eliminating downtime.

Prove It For Yourself!

To demonstrate the comparative performance of InterSystems IRIS against in-memory technologies, we benchmarked InterSystems IRIS against a leading in-memory database in an apples-to-apples comparison. InterSystems IRIS inserts 65% more records and runs SQL queries 27 times faster on the same infrastructure in the same amount of time.

Run the Performance Test for Yourself


Transactional-Analytical Performance Comparison:InterSystems IRIS Data Platform vs. a leading in-memory database

65% more
records ingested with simultaneous querying than in-memory DB
41% faster
ingest with simultaneous querying than in-memory DB

The performance tests have been independently verified by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community.

Download the ESG Technical Review

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