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InterSystems HealthShare® is a family of products that includes a health informatics platform for the rapid creation of next-generation imaging solutions. From infrastructure to interoperability to advanced real-time analytics, HealthShare offers an agile application architecture for high-value imaging solutions.

Deliver a complete picture of the patient

With InterSystems HealthShare, your imaging solutions gain new infrastructure to deliver on customer expectations of universally connected, shared and accessible imaging technology.

HealthShare lets you deliver a patient-centric view of information and support all types of DICOM and non-DICOM patient data. Imaging solutions leveraging HealthShare can bring together rich, discrete data from all participants in the care process to deliver a complete picture of a patient or an entire population.

Optimize care

High-value imaging solutions improve information flows to enhance diagnosis, reduce duplicative care, increase patient safety, and influence outcomes.

With HealthShare your solutions can deliver high-value information to the right people at the right time for quality improvement and cost reduction.

Maximize value

Effectively leveraging your information assets differentiates your solutions, let’s you uncover new business opportunities, and delivers higher value for your customers.

HealthShare lets you quickly aggregate, analyze and act on image and external patient data from across the care continuum. Deriving insight from intersections of these unique data sets enables you to create innovative imaging solutions your competition can’t match.

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