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FHIR Learning and Data Architecture

InterSystems and clinFHIR partnership to promote FHIR

clinFHIR: A Platform for FHIR Education and Design

clinFHIR, created by David Hay, M.D., provides a global platform for healthcare professionals to learn about Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) by providing modules that allow users to both visualize existing FHIR based information, and to create FHIR resources to meet the needs of specific scenarios.

Created in the early days of FHIR development, it was designed to assist Clinicians building the standard to visualize the underlying resources that are the key components of FHIR (hence the name). Since then it has become widely adopted in the community both by learners of FHIR and those building FHIR based solutions. It is used by several organizations that provide FHIR training.

clinfhir Graph
clinFHIR Patient Viewer - Resource References Graph

It is always important to remind that clinFHIR was not built to be used for real patient data. It was built for education and design, and so is not architected to safely represent real Personal Health Information.

clinFHIR and InterSystems FHIR Cloud Server

clinFHIR users can now select InterSystems FHIR Cloud Server, powered by InterSystems IRIS for Health - a data platform specifically designed for healthcare application - as the Data Server to begin the data architecture design, to develop and test FHIR queries for their applications without impacting real patient. It is also possible to collaborate and share FHIR resources between users, helping to foster a community of practice around FHIR.

clinFHIR and InterSystems FHIR Cloud Server are regularly updated to reflect changes and updates to the FHIR standard, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the most current information and resources.

InterSystems is proud to support clinFHIR, which provides a valuable resource for healthcare professionals who want to learn and work with the FHIR standard.

If you want to use InterSystems FHIR Server and learn about FHIR using great features, like Patient and Bundle Visualizers, Logical Modelers and Server Query, please access clinFHIR Website.

Visit clinFHIR