Ken Mortensen

As an attorney and engineer, Ken Mortensen is a privacy and security professional with over 20 years of legal and over 30 years of IT experience. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Ken currently leads Global Trust and Privacy at InterSystems as the Data Protection Officer. He works globally across the company to enhance information privacy, governance, and cyber risk processes. Before InterSystems, Ken served in a number of chief privacy and security roles for PwC, CVS Health, and Boston Scientific. Also, he served in the Bush (43) Administration as the Associate Deputy Attorney General for the Dep't of Justice, where he was the primary counsel on privacy and cybersecurity supporting law enforcement and foreign intelligence activities. Before Justice, Ken joined the Dep't of Homeland Security early in its existence, eventually becoming its first Deputy Chief Privacy Officer. Prior to that he had his own law firm, was special counsel to the PA Attorney General for cyber issues, taught at Villanova University School of Law, and began his career at Burroughs as an Electrical Engineer doing information assurance.

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