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Caché Certification

The Caché Professional Certification Program ensures a level of competence in either Caché Application Development or Caché Systems Administration.

Caché Professional Certification is based on a standardized measurement of skills, knowledge, and applied experience with Caché.

Certification is offered in two major disciplines: administrator and application developer. The table below summarizes each discipline.

Certificate of Competency Best Suited For: # of Exams Recommended courses & Required Certification
Caché Systems Administrator Systems Administrators, DBAs, IT Managers 5 Caché System Management
Caché Application Developer Developers 3 Caché Foundations

Examination modules

To achieve certification in a specific discipline, a passing grade must be attained in a specified number of exam modules. Each exam module measures competency in a specific topic, such as Caché Server Pages. Each of the online exams has a 45 minute time limit.

Each online exam costs $125. Exams can be re-taken as needed. The exam fee applies each time a user takes the exam.

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Caché Systems Administrator certification exam modules

  • Configuration: includes capacity planning, environment staging, security, resiliency, and recoverability.
  • Operations: includes the production monitoring tasks that a System Administrator is expected to perform daily.
  • Backup & Restore: includes best practices to ensure uptime and recoverability, journaling, shadowing, and integration with third-party backup tools.
  • Database Structure: includes globals, storage structures, integrity mechanisms, and basic recovery techniques.
  • Security: includes authorization, authentication, application security, services, and resources.

Caché Application Developer certification exam modules

  • Caché ObjectScript: includes comprehensive use of commands, functions, procedures, variable scoping, and locking semantics.
  • Objects: includes classes, properties, methods, instantiation, inheritance, packages, and application deployment.
  • Dual Architecture: includes Caché SQL and how it interacts with the development environment.

Certification restrictions

  1. Certificates are valid for two years from the date of achievement. Certification can be renewed by successfully completing a refresher exam, which includes a comprehensive selection of multiple-choice questions on new features and practices.
  2. Certification is applied to a named person and is not transferable.
  3. Certification can be withdrawn, at the sole discretion of InterSystems, without advanced notice. This may occur if the person certified violates agreements with InterSystems or causes harm to a licensee of Caché.
  4. Exam fees are non-refundable.

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