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Engaged Communities

Engaged patients actively and knowledgeably manage their own health and wellness and that of others for whom they’re responsible. They review and manage care records, learn about conditions, adopt healthy behaviors, make informed healthcare purchases, and interact with care providers as partners.

Marla_FamilyEngaged caregivers collaborate across the entire care team to plan and coordinate care, reduce variations, improve quality, and reduce financial risk in concert with those paying for care.

Engaged healthcare communities of all kinds need comprehensive information, in one place, presented in a way that is relevant and makes sense to individual community members. Healthcare organizations that adopt the HealthShare platform as the core of their information infrastructure lay the foundation for truly engaged communities.

Fresh, comprehensive data, served your way

Physicians and patients interpret clinical information differently and each requires data presented in a way that meets their needs. HealthShare solutions reflect these very different perspectives and allow you to present your own branded face to your constituent communities. Members of a clinically integrated network can have access to comprehensive records through enhanced provider workflows. Similarly, patients and their families can use a multi-source portal built for them to access information and manage their care across provider and geographical boundaries.

Untethering patient records from the EHR

Avoiding dangerous information gaps and coordinating quality care when a patient sees multiple providers at multiple organizations has never been easy. Even the use of electronic health records (EHRs) hasn’t eliminated this challenge.

Different providers may use diverse EHRs and private or public health information exchanges. Patient data in a hospital’s departmental applications must be intelligently aggregated before it can be delivered. And vital clinical information in unstructured formats—such as clinician notes—resists efforts at automatic summarization and communication. HealthShare eliminates these barriers to care coordination and clinician engagement, enabling clinicians to practice better-informed and better-coordinated medicine at lower cost.

A comprehensive health record, with patient, clinician, and other views, is at the heart of engaged communities.

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