You’ll make breakthroughs
in health informatics

Better Care.
Connected Care.

InterSystems HealthShare® is a health informatics platform. It provides advanced technology for strategic interoperability and analytics for action within a single facility, or across a hospital network, or the healthcare system of an entire nation.

With HealthShare’s strategic interoperability, you will derive major benefits that go far beyond what you can do with traditional, message-passing integration methods. HealthShare enables the achievement of strategic initiatives such as care coordination, population health management, engagement of patient and clinician communities, and much more.

You’ll make breakthroughs with HealthShare because you’ll have the technology foundation needed to create composite health records that aggregate patient data from across the continuum of care, deliver actionable analytics based on composite health record data, and securely share information among clinicians, patients, and other healthcare professionals inside and outside your organization.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Strategic Interoperability
Interoperability between IT systems is a strategic imperative for coordinating care, improving outcomes, and managing costs. But IT departments need a breakthrough in order to get disparate systems to share all structured and unstructured data.

You’ll make breakthroughs with HealthShare. Its standards-based interoperability framework provides a scalable, powerful foundation for improving healthcare delivery and care quality. HealthShare will augment your existing EMR and other health information systems by connecting data, applications, processes, and users inside and outside of your organization. And it will help you aggregate and analyze all data – structured and unstructured, clinical, operational, and financial – to provide a real-time comprehensive picture of patient and organizational health.

CIOs are realizing they need a platform for strategic interoperability – not just tactical HL7 messaging – to meet growing demands for connectivity and analytics. This move away from traditional interface software to a robust platform for strategic interoperability represents a paradigm shift in healthcare IT that will enable the rapid evolution of healthcare models.

Analytics for action
One of the key benefits of achieving strategic interoperability with HealthShare is enabling “analytics for action” – the ability to share insights from aggregated patient data that will drive informed action across your organization.

You’ll make breakthroughs in analytics with HealthShare. Its Active Analytics technology supports critically important population health functions including real-time health monitoring, proactive management of at-risk populations, reporting, and research. HealthShare can provide your staff with insights derived from analysis of structured and unstructured data (such as in clinician notes), delivery of notifications and alerts, and can launch clinical or operational processes based on rules invoked from analysis of comprehensive patient data sets.

With analytics for action, HealthShare will help you foster best practices and fully-informed, efficient decision-making throughout your organization.

Engaged patient and clinician communities
With HealthShare’s technology for strategic interoperability, you’ll make breakthroughs in the creation of communities for clinicians, patients, families,and other healthcare participants.

For clinicians, this will provide the ability to share clinical data, coordinate care, and send a series of alerts and other notifications. Such HealthShare-enabled systems facilitate secure message-based communications with patients, including appointment scheduling, prescriptions, and reminders.

Additionally, there is great value in enabling clinicians to monitor the health of a high-risk population, such as diabetes patients. Clinicians would like to be notified immediately if one of these patients visits the emergency room or interacts with other providers. Clinicians would also like a simple means of ascertaining whether patients are making and keeping appointments, and adhering to care plans. The ability to monitor and be alerted to deviations from the care plan can improve patient health while significantly lowering costs. Such capabilities are enabled by – and in many cases require – the strategic interoperability technology of HealthShare.

For patients, HealthShare has the potential to enable profound benefits. By leveraging our technology for strategic interoperability, a growing number of health facilities are making it possible for patients – as well as their family caregivers – to check lab results, review medical history, request appointments, communicate via email with physicians, and in many other ways get more engaged in healthcare. HealthShare enables all of these tasks – in some cases directly and in others providing the information and linkages to existing systems needed to perform them.

As a technology platform for creating and sustaining engaged communities, HealthShare lets patients take a more active role in their wellness and clinicians to practice better-informed and better-coordinated medicine at lower cost.