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HealthShare in New York

HealthShare powers health information exchange across New York state

HealthShare provides the comprehensive set of advanced features that are essential to achieve our core interoperability goals. It enables us to meet our immediate needs for intelligent aggregation and exchange of data and, simultaneously, establishes a platform on which richer solutions can be developed.

David Whitlinger Executive Director for New York eHealth Collaborative

InterSystems HealthShare®, widely used across New York state, is a health informatics platform and family of solutions that enable interoperability across multiple systems and data formats, making it possible to capture, share, understand, and act on large volumes of structured and unstructured health information. The platform is used by private hospitals and health systems, regional and statewide health information exchanges, and entire nations to achieve more coordinated, more connected care.

Once I access the EHR, I can then get to additional patient information from all participating Healthix providers with just one click.” The result of the smoother workflow and faster access to patient data is “better quality of care delivery.

Dr. Edward Fitzpatrick Maimonides Medical Center

HealthShare touches the lives of over 28 million people in New York state alone, making the vision of anywhere, any time access to patient-centric healthcare information a reality. And it’s enabling smoother workflow, faster access to patient data, and better care coordination. See below for a sampling of HealthShare users in New York.

HealthShare users in New York state
NSLIJ North Shore-LIJ selected InterSystems and HealthShare to provide connectivity among all providers across the North Shore-LIJ Health System – including 15 hospitals, 3 skilled nursing facilities, approximately 400 outpatient and physician practices, patient-centered medical homes, call centers, and community service programs – with new capabilities such as smart message routing, proactive alerts, advanced work flows and real-time active analytics that will help improve the quality of care and the patient experience. These benefits have already been proven in a population of high-risk obstetric patients through NSLIJ’s participation, along with Healthix, a HealthShare-based regional health information exchange, in a NY State HEAL 10 program.

NYECB NYeHC uses InterSystems HealthShare as the technology foundation for the statewide health information network of New York (SHIN-NY). SHIN-NY provides a set of core services that will be used by SHIN-NY participants to exchange information across organizational boundaries. This approach takes into account existing networks and leverages the investments already made by setting up a common foundation for using the SHIN-NY. The highest priority clinical functions identified for support by SHIN-NY are delivery of pertinent clinical patient information to healthcare providers; public health reporting; and enhanced care delivery.

Hixny is a collaboration of health plans, regional and community hospitals, large physician groups, and associations in a 17 county geography comprising the Capital Region and Northern New York State. Hixny  has built an interoperable network based on HealthShare to electronically share patient medical information more efficiently for the benefit of healthcare consumers. Its services include direct access to community health data from within electronic medical record systems, which gives physicians the information needed to make better clinical decisions. Hixny also offers an ePrescribing service that increases efficiency and helps reduce medication errors.

HealthixB Healthix is a regional health information exchange formed from the merger of the Long Island Patient Information eXchange (LIPIX), the New York Clinical Information Exchange (NYCLIX), and the Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX).  Healthix uses HealthShare as the foundation for data integration and sharing among downstate healthcare providers, and for public health activities. Healthix connects more than 100 facilities, data on more than 7 million patients, and almost 4,000 physicians to enable better-informed clinical decision-making.

NYCHHCB New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC) uses InterSystems Ensemble (a core component within HealthShare) to aggregate data from systems across the entire NYCHHC network, to demonstrate Meaningful Use, for real-time reporting and communication with the New York Department of Health for biosurveillance efforts, and ad hoc reporting by NYCHHC staff. The NYCHHC system includes 11 acute care hospitals, 4 skilled nursing facilities, 6 large diagnostic and treatment centers, and more than 70 community-based clinics. HHC Health and Home Care also provides in-home services for New Yorkers.

Maimonides_LogoGIF Maimonides uses InterSystems technology for enterprise integration. And they’re also using InterSystems HealthShare, in conjunction with Healthix (a RHIO based in New York) and 13 other organizations, to coordinate the care of 15,000 high-risk mental health patients they’ve identified in the community. HealthShare forms the technology foundation for aggregating data and sharing a coordinated care plan, and its active analytics capability will be used to measure success of this “Mental Health Home” based on ED visits, acute care and psychiatric admissions, length of stay, frequency of multiple care provider visits, and other measures.

montefiore Montefiore’s initial use of HealthShare is to replace its legacy interface engine, and to enable sharing of patient data with community physicians through exchange of continuity of care documents.

amc_logo Albany Medical Center uses HealthShare as part of its patient data interchange with the Health Information Exchange of New York State to support other area providers’ information needs in patient care.