Platform for connected applications

Business Process Management (BPM) & Workflow

Fusion power for better, faster application development

Ensemble is a rapid integration and development platform that combines business process management (BPM) with information management, workflow, and composite application creation capabilities. This fusion enables business analysts and developers to collaborate for faster modeling, integration, automation, execution, and monitoring of business processes, such as checking a patient into a hospital or processing a mortgage application.

Ensemble includes a rich graphical editor for:

  • Diagramming processes and information flows.
  • Including business rules and human workflow tasks in composite applications.
  • Specifying the logical interactions between applications and services without lower-level concerns about interfaces, adapters, or middleware mechanisms.
  • Automatic generation of executable code for the business process.

As a result, development and deployment of applications is faster, they are a better match to business requirements, and they can be reconfigured rapidly when the business process changes.


BPM is one part of the fully integrated Ensemble platform that’s used for connecting people, processes, data, and applications within and between organizations. Listed below is a sampling of the business process management (BPM) features and capabilities that make Ensemble the best platform for developing agile, connected applications:

Business process orchestration

  • Graphical modeling lets developers or business analysts focus on integration and workflow, rather than technology. Ensemble generates executable code from the model.
  • Developers can define business logic via these graphical models, or XML documents, or code. The ability to “mix and match” these tools enables your organization to efficiently address the widest range of requirements.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

  • Enables your organization to integrate and manage all of its SOA and non-SOA software assets through Ensemble.
  • An embedded Caché database records all messages and system interactions across the bus for easier debugging, reporting, and auditing.

Business rules engine

  • Business analysts and support personnel can quickly configure and change the behavior of working business processes via easily editable rules, rather than coding.
  • Rules are separate from business logic and can be reused and modified easily.

Adaptable workflow engine

  • Incorporates human workflow into otherwise automated processes.
  • Separates user-based process definitions from business logic for easier and more reliable development.

Composite application development and service creation

  • Create, deploy and incorporate services in multiple business processes.
  • Service-enable legacy application functionality for reuse within Ensemble composite applications or exposure to external applications.

Business activity monitoring

  • Monitor the activity and state of individual business processes, or the entire system, and key performance indicators.
  • Analyze traffic passing through Ensemble to provide real-time business intelligence and event processing.
  • Graphical dashboard displays enable appropriate and timely management decisions.

End-to-end management

  • Rapidly diagnose and debug problems during development and live operations using Visual Trace.
  • Real-time visibility into business processes as well as system performance.