High performance
multi-model database

Managing Data

Caché has a unique multidimensional data engine that enables modeling of rich, real-world information. It can scale to serve tens of thousands of users without sacrificing SQL query response that is many times faster than relational databases. Caché supports real-time analysis of both structured and unstructured data.

Multidimensional data engine, multiple modes of data access

At its heart, the Caché data engine stores information in sparse, multidimensional arrays called “globals”. They enable modeling complex, real-world data without the performance-killing “joins” and “table-hopping” required by relational technology.

Caché uniquely provides multiple modes of data access. Developers can store and access data through objects, SQL, or by directly referencing globals. All three access methods can work simultaneously on the same data.

Unlocking unstructured data with iKnow

The vast majority of the world’s information exists in unstructured forms such as text, and it largely goes unused because it is difficult to analyze. Caché includes unique technology, called iKnow, that can help you analyze unstructured data without having to pre-define dictionaries or ontologies.

High-performance queries

SQL is the query language for Caché. Because Caché data is stored in efficient multidimensional structures, applications that use SQL achieve better performance when running on Caché.

Besides providing inherently faster performance, Caché supports traditional indexes as well as bit-map and bit-slice indexes that can be used with real-time transactional data.

For text searches, Caché enables word-aware searching in a number of languages. In addition, Caché SQL engine has been enhanced with our iKnow technology, which enables the use of SQL to search for the concepts within textual data.

Real-time analytics with InterSystems DeepSee

DeepSee is technology for embedding real-time analytics into your breakthrough applications, giving users insights when and where they need them. DeepSee can leverage InterSystems iKnow technology, thus enabling decision-making based on all the available data.

Enterprise Cache Protocol

InterSystems’ Enterprise Cache Protocol is designed to dramatically enhance the scalability and performance of distributed applications. It can make a database distributed over many servers behave as a single, local data store.

Securing data 'at rest'

One important aspect of application security is to protect data while it is “at rest”, that is, stored in the database. Caché enables encryption of an entire database, or of specific pieces of information within a database.

Migrating to Caché from other technologies

Many organizations may wish to improve the performance and scalability of their existing applications by migrating them to Caché, but moving to a new database is a major operation. Caché provides a number of specialized tools that can make the switch easier.