InterSystems IRIS for Health

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ is the world’s first and only data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data. It empowers you to rapidly create and scale the industry’s next breakthrough applications.


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InterSystems IRIS for Health at a Glance

  • Cloud Provisioning and Management
    You can easily deploy, configure, and manage smarter applications in whatever cloud you prefer – AWS, GCP, Azure, or a private cloud.
  • API Management
    InterSystems IRIS for Health provides full API life cycle management capabilities spanning initial planning & design, implementation & testing, deployment & operation, and versioning & retirement.
  • AI and Machine Learning
    Advanced integration capabilities let you connect to common machine learning environments like Apache Spark and KNIME.
  • Advanced Scalability Options
    Providing massive vertical and horizontal scalability, and designed for cloud deployment, InterSystems IRIS for Health is ideal for big data applications.
  • Certified Healthcare Interoperability
    Deep support for FHIR, HL7 V2, IHE, and other interoperability standards and protocols ensures interoperability and improved workflow across the care continuum.
  • Out of the Box Transformations
    A normalized healthcare message model delivers pre-built extensible transformations between all standard modern and legacy data representations.

InterSystems IRIS for Health at a Glance

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