Remote Care

Make Virtual Care Authentic Care

Physical, mental, and social care, wherever and however it’s delivered, works best when the provider knows all there is to know about the patient and her needs. InterSystems technology is focused on the fast and reliable delivery of comprehensive care information from across the care continuum. Our goal is to support quality care and agile care delivery in any setting, at any time, through:


The Best Foundation for Telehealth & Virtual Care

Right now, with the help of connected devices, information systems, and data powered by InterSystems, healthcare organizations are laying the foundation for mainstream telehealth and virtual care.

Harnessing Social Media to Enhance the Care Experience

Innovative private healthcare delivery organizations in China are redesigning their approach to care to align with consumer demands. They leverage InterSystems TrakCare healthcare information system and the widely used WeChat messaging, social media, and payment application for online scheduling, bill paying, and communications for medical encounters. Together they form the foundation for an online-to-offline integrated healthcare services experience.


Creating Connected Health Applications for Care Redesign

Rhodes Group develops software for clinical laboratories worldwide. Its e-MyLabCollect application, built on InterSystems IRIS for Health, provides complete patient information and workflow tracking for technicians collecting specimens at any location. e-MyLabCollect prints instrument-ready specimen labels at the point of collection, increasing efficiency, eliminating the need to relabel at the lab, and reducing errors. InterSystems IRIS for Health interoperability services enables e-MyLabCollect to share data with electronic medical records and other systems.


Informing Care in the Home

Thornberry’s NDoc electronic medical record and business management solution for home health and hospice care has received top ranking from KLAS Research for 7 years running. NDoc relies on InterSystems HealthShare for technology that enables faster, less costly, and better-informed transitions of care. This includes giving NDoc users comprehensive patient data drawn from sources across the healthcare continuum, such as health information exchanges, accountable care organizations, and other providers.


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Optimizing High-Tech, High-Touch Care

On-demand Virtual Leadership Conference

Virtual care has gone from a novelty to standard practice in less than a year.  During the pandemic, we’ve learned online care delivery can save time and money, while the reduced risk has made even skeptics embrace change. Yet 40% of respondents to a recent polling question indicated that the biggest barrier to patient trust in digital healthcare is that it is missing the human touch.

Join us for a lively discussion with a healthcare visionary and entrepreneur, an IT leader from an innovative provider organization, and the head of a product team developing next-generation IT about the tools, technologies, and touchpoints of virtual care now and in the future.

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Why Trust InterSystems?

  • More than a billion health records around the world are managed using InterSystems technology
  • More than 90 million American citizens have longitudinal health records connected with InterSystems HealthShare
  • InterSystems TrakCare EMR is deployed across 27 nations
  • Companies like 3M, Roche Diagnostics, and Epic build their solutions on InterSystems data platforms


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