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Get Identity Management Right

Automate Person/Information Matching to Improve Care Quality, Processes, and Outcomes

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What’s in a name? For patients, providers, payers, and health information networks, getting identity right is nearly everything. The dangers of associating a name with the wrong information are simply too high.

Patients change home locations, their names, care facilities, and doctors. Providers may retire or change names, locations, organization affiliations, and insurance networks. Managing and adapting to this constant churn has been a mostly manual, time-consuming, costly process.

For patient safety, for member satisfaction, to improve quality, avoid penalties and save money, provider, payer, and health information network organizations need identity management automation.

InterSystems Identity Management Solutions

Interoperability depends on accurately matching records to the right patients and providers. The sophisticated matching built into InterSystems identity management solutions ensures you have the most accurate records possible, with the least burden on your staff.

Learn about HealthShare Patient Index with Referential Matching from LexisNexis

HealthShare Provider Directory - For Payers and Providers

Inaccurate provider information has consequences. Wrong telephone numbers and location information limits access to care. Inadvertently choosing an out-of-network provider can result in catastrophic healthcare bills. Health plans have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for publishing inaccurate directories.

InterSystems HealthShare Provider Directory automates the process of creating, updating, and publishing accurate provider information as a “golden record.” It enables you to comply with regulations such as CMS 9115-F and the No Surprises Act more easily, enhance customer service, and improve the efficiency of any business process that requires up-to-date and accurate provider information.

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Provider Directories Face Large Challenges

Despite $2.1 billion being spent annually to maintain provider directories, significant challenges persist
of providers still encounter out-of-network patients2
of providers are missing from provider directories
of consumers are unhappy with scheduling issues and surprise bills3

HealthShare Patient Index - For Providers and Payers

Poor identity management lowers care quality and leaves organizations vulnerable to litigation. HIPAA violations, for example, can lead to millions of dollars lost in settlements, legal fees, and penalties. InterSystems HealthShare Patient Index helps you avoid these risks and improve care. With statistical and referential patient matching – powered by LexisNexis – your HealthShare Patient Index is an enterprise master patient index (EMPI) becomes a solution that automates the creation of a “single source of truth” for patient and member identity and demographic information.

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InterSystems HealthShare - For Health Information Networks

Manually identifying the same patient in multiple records from multiple, diverse EMRs, and merging the information, would not be economically viable at the scale Health Information Networks (HINs) need for success. Successful HINs use InterSystems HealthShare solutions to automate the process, at scale. HealthShare also enables HINs to deliver value-added services that can only be built on aggregated, normalized, and accurate longitudinal patient records.

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