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Third Party Products

InterSystems Products incorporate and include various third-party and open source software and content. Your use of each third-party and open source product is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to such product.

We have endeavored to identify below the material third-party and open source products incorporated, included or shipped with an InterSystems Product as well as the location of the terms and conditions applicable to each third-party and open source product.

InterSystems will update this list from time to time. You are encouraged to check this URL on a regular basis and especially when transitioning to a more current version of an InterSystems Product.

InterSystems Product(A)Embedded Open Source Products
InterSystems IRIS 2021.1 Link
InterSystems IRIS 2022.1 Link
InterSystems IRIS 2023.1 Link

Third Party Product(B)


Terms of Use

InterSystems API Manager: IAM / IAM ExtensionKong Inc. Link
AtScale Software (C)AtScale, Inc.Subject to InterSystems’ License Terms
InterSystems ReportsInsightsoftwareSubject to InterSystems' License Terms

(A) These linked files list the third-party products (mostly open source) that are embedded in our products.
(B) Third-Party Product is only included if designated in your License Agreement, except as otherwise noted below.
(C) Included with the InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics product.