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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Can you save the planet with your choice of software?

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Our software makes it easier for your company to improve operations while reducing its environmental impact.


The core of all our products – InterSystems IRIS data platform – is so efficient it allows our customers to accomplish much more, using a fraction of the computer hardware and energy than before.

A 900% improvement in performance using only 30% of the infrastructure at Broadridge Financial Solutions through use of InterSystems IRIS, compared to an alternative approach.

As a complete, cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to implement and integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, using fewer system resources, and requiring less maintenance.

Our technical advisors work with our customers to design the most efficient architectures for compute, storage, communications, power, and environment management, with automated and remote management options.

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Sustainability and carbon reduction

Run fast, run safe, run green with InterSystems IRIS data platform. It’s carbon footprint is 9-65 times smaller in the cloud than competing products.

Our commitment to sustainability goes well beyond the high performance and reliability of our software. As we help our customers succeed and grow while consuming fewer resources, we’re ensuring our own growth is sustainable. We’re moving into new offices with the highest design standards and lowest environmental impact.

Teleconferencing is our default means of communication within the company and with our customers, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. At InterSystems offices in 25 countries we’re auditing our carbon emissions and plastic use so we can measure our progress at reducing them.

The InterSystems IRIS data platform carbon footprint is 9-65 times smaller in the cloud than competing products
The InterSystems IRIS data platform carbon footprint is 9-65 times smaller in the cloud than competing products. Data based on our open source speed test benchmark and a carbon footprint estimator for AWS instances.
Note: Chart scale is logarithmic.

Global Trust

Trust is fundamental to the success of any organization. Our aim is to build trust by protecting information and the planet. For our clients and their customers, for our employees and other stakeholders, privacy and security are key elements of trust. At InterSystems, Global Trust has always meant meeting or exceeding legal and regulatory requirements for privacy and security anywhere in the world. Today, our customers also can trust that care for the world we live in, and our social impact, is equally part of our company culture.

Accelerate a sustainable evolution

You can help us accelerate how we all adapt and evolve to meet changing business and environmental requirements. If you have ideas for how we can do more, please let us know.