5 days, $2800/student

This 5-day course teaches HealthShare Unified Care Record users and integrators the HealthShare Unified Care Record architecture and administration tasks. The course also includes how to install HealthShare Unified Care Record. This course is intended for HealthShare Unified Care Record developers, integrators, administrators and managers.

This course is applicable for users of HealthShare Unified Care Record.


You are required to have the following knowledge/experience prior to attending this course:

  • HealthShare productions or Ensemble productions experience

See the Achieving Prerequisites section below if you do not fulfill these requirements.

Achieving Prerequisites

To ensure you have the required knowledge of Productions in HealthShare, you can attend either the Building and Managing HL7 Integrations course or the Developing Healthcare Integrations course which will best prepare you for class. You can also complete the self-paced courses below:

Preparing for Class

An online course that will help you familiarize yourself with material covered in class but is not required is:

Course Agenda

  • Architecture
    • Use cases
    • Data flows
    • Message flows within Visual Traces
    • Registry
    • Edge Gateway
    • Access Gateway
    • Operational Data Store
    • Consent management architecture
    • Clinical Message Delivery architecture
    • Bus architecture
  • HealthShare Unified Care Record Installation
    • Installation process
    • Demo setup
  • HealthShare Unified Care Record Administration
    • HealthShare portal
    • Administration tasks
    • User management
    • Registry management
    • Configuring Clinical Message Delivery
    • Configuring consent
    • Terminology Management

Cancellation Policy

InterSystems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. We will usually cancel a class if there are fewer than five registrants. In the event of cancellation by InterSystems, we will refund any payment made for the canceled course.

Tuition is fully refundable if a registrant notifies InterSystems at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. For cancellation received afterward, we will provide a credit toward a future class.