InterSystems Certification Badges

Passing an InterSystems certification exam or completing the required exams of an InterSystems certification path results in an online badge. An online badge is an electronic credential that can be displayed and verified via different methods. Currently available InterSystems Certification Badges are here.

Claiming a Badge

Once a candidate has successfully passed an exam or certification path, they will receive an email notification with a link to claim their badge. This email also contains instructions how to create an account in the badging system, if needed.

Sample Certification Badge - InterSytems Core Solutions Developer
Sample Certification Badge – InterSystems Core Solutions Developer

Using Badges

InterSystems certification badges contain useful information such as:

  • Certification title
  • Candidate name
  • Award and expiration dates
  • Description and criteria

Additionally, badges can be used in different ways:

  • Social media profiles
  • Embedding in web pages
  • Part of an email signature
  • Adding to a different badging system

More information on using badges to display credentials are available here.