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InterSystems TrakCare as a Service


Advanced Unified Healthcare Information System with Secure, High-Availability Cloud Infrastructure

InterSystems TrakCare as a Service is the TrakCare® unified healthcare information system hosted, delivered, and operated by InterSystems. Ongoing services (performance monitoring, for example) and customer support are included, as well.

Healthcare Provider CIOs: Create Your Cloud Strategy in 2020, Gartner Research

With TrakCare as a Service, you get all of the advanced features and benefits of TrakCare, while InterSystems takes care of everything from the physical data centers and infrastructure, to the application, processes, and people needed to support the solution end-to-end. TrakCare as a Service eliminates the complexity, overhead, and uncertainty of managing the underlying infrastructure. You get the same control as with an on-premises solution, with the efficiency, scalability, ease of management, and cost benefits of the cloud. Clinicians and other authorized staff get seamless, timely access to patient information, whenever they need it.

Benefits of using TrakCare to manage patient information include:

  • Improved patient outcomes with a single source of truth for clinical data
  • Faster insights with data presented in a way that supports clinical decisions
  • More effective management of care cost and quality with improved information sharing
  • Built-in interoperability standards, such as HL7 FHIR® and SMART on FHIR, making it easy to extend system capabilities

Moving to Trakcare as a Service

Every organization has its own reasons for moving from on-premises to cloud deployment of a healthcare information system. Upgrading to new hardware and software in a high-availability configuration, for example, requires capital investment and in-house skills most healthcare providers lack. Other common reasons include:

  • Distraction from core healthcare delivery tasks due to the cost and complexity of running the necessary hardware and software on site
  • Determining responsibility for technology issues when multiple vendors are involved in management of hardware, operating systems, and application software
  • Demonstrating security and compliance in frequent audits, adding to the overhead and complications of running the underlying infrastructure
  • Guaranteeing service levels and maintaining system resilience and availability with on-site infrastructure
IDC Industry CloudPath Industry Application & Workload Cloud Deployment, November 2020

The operational benefits of TrakCare as a Service include:

  • Managing the systems on which TrakCare runs is our job, not yours
  • Guaranteed levels of service, security, and availability, backed up by industry-leading Service Level Agreements covering availability, responsiveness, and compliance
  • A single vendor to whom you can turn if there’s an issue, end-to-end
  • Fixed and predictable costs
  • Fast answers from a relevant senior expert whenever you have a question
  • Compliance with local rules and regulations as all data is hosted in-market
  • Redundant systems to mitigate risks and speed disaster recovery

No matter what your reasons for choosing a cloud deployment, we have options that fulfill the promise of greater simplicity and predictable costs.

Flexible Deployment Options

In addition to the completely turnkey deployment of TrakCare as a Service in our private cloud, InterSystems has other options to meet your requirements. For example, TrakCare can be deployed in a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft® Azure, while being managed by InterSystems.

InterSystems Assurance Commitment

Our commitment provides assurance that best practice service management, security, and business continuity processes are in place. The InterSystems compliance framework for delivering managed services is contained within an integrated management system. This system reflects our commitment to delivering managed services using recognized best practices, including adherence to ISO 27001 (security), ISO 20000 (service management) and ISO 22301 (business continuity). A single InterSystems services organization delivers all managed services globally, ensuring the same compliance policies, standards, and controls are applied everywhere.

Take the Next Step

Whether your organization is new to TrakCare or already using it, contact your InterSystems representative to learn more about TrakCare as a Service, and how it can help you master the challenges of the rapidly changing healthcare IT environment. Without high initial capital outlays, and with affordable fixed costs, you can help your clinical and other mission-critical staff focus on what they do best – improve patient care.


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