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InterSystems HealthShare Interoperability Platform For Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Healthcare Delivery Organizations

InterSystems HealthShare: Healthy Data for Healthy Outcomes

You expect an interoperability platform to gather data for better informed decisions and to help you work more efficiently. But those simple expectations often crash into a more complicated reality, especially in fragmented healthcare systems. Differences in data nomenclature and formatting, missing data elements or values, duplications and other hazards block the path to usable interoperability. Simply aggregating data produces patient records with “unhealthy” information that can’t be trusted. And as that data is shared with payers, allied health providers, and social services organizations it impacts the entire experience of care.

True Interoperability Means Clean and Healthy Data

InterSystems HealthShare® overcomes these obstacles with industry-acclaimed data aggregation, normalization, deduplication, and care management capabilities. HealthShare supports all major national and international interoperability standards, including the latest versions of HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). With the InterSystems IRIS for Health™ data platform at its core, HealthShare creates a longitudinal Unified Care Record that stores comprehensive, clean, healthy data for each individual. Healthy data is information that providers will trust for clinical decision-making and care coordination, and it’s a precious resource for digital transformation in healthcare.

HealthShare and the healthy data of the Unified Care Record enable you to:

  • Unify distributed health systems
  • Collaborate seamlessly within and across organizations
  • Deliver care more efficiently
  • See the big picture with analytics, machine learning, and AI
  • Innovate and lead your organization forward.

Unify Distributed Health Systems


HealthShare helps healthcare delivery organizations overcome the challenges of decentralized data. The clean data of the Unified Care Record can power new sources of insight from analytics applications, HL7 FHIR® applications, machine learning, and AI systems. Because it is updated in near real-time, you can be confident you’re always working with complete and current information.

InterSystems Technology Connects infographic

Enhance Existing Investments

HealthShare extends and enhances the investments you’ve already made in electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare IT and is a strong foundation for pursuing new business relationships and integrated care models. Other use cases include:

  • Coordinating and optimizing team-based community care delivery
  • Legacy clinical data archiving
  • Uniting claims and clinical data with social determinants of health to optimize care management and population health initiatives

Collaborate Seamlessly Within and Across Organizations

HealthShare delivers community-wide data and insights into existing clinical and business applications and facilitates timely action through real-time notifications. These enhanced workflows connect providers around the shared data of the Unified Care Record and drive collaborative health and care processes. With HealthShare, you can:

  • Align payers, providers, and patients around a common plan of care
  • Create cohesive, virtual teams, regardless of governance structure:ACOs,MCOs, Patient-Centered Medical Homes, clinically integrated networks (CINs), or other team-based care delivery models

Deliver Care More Efficiently

HealthShare works with your EHR and other systems in real time to capture and deliver comprehensive health data into clinicians’ familiar workflows. It gives providers and patients the assurance that comes from decisions based on complete and accurate information.

Eliminate the Blind Spots

HealthShare also helps close gaps in care; it can trigger provider and patient alerts when events occur, such as when an elderly patient is transferred from a nursing home to the hospital — but also when an event does not occur, such as when a patient misses a follow-up appointment.

300% Decrease in Readmission Costs

See the Big Picture with Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

The amount of business, clinical, and social information available today is outstripping our ability to use it to improve decision making. To maximize its value, clinicians and care managers need to leverage the latest analytics, machine learning, and AI applications. But without clean data, those applications can’t provide trustworthy results. The healthy data from HealthShare’s Unified Care Record lets you deliver the results and insights you need.

HealthShare makes data available via:

  • HealthShare’s native application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Industry-standard APIs such as FHIR, SQL, and Apache Spark
  • Apache Spark or SQL to Tableau, PowerBI, or similar applications
  • Push to applications in a format they can consume, such as C-CDA or FHIR
  • Custom formats geared to applications you develop with InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform

The combination of healthy data and HealthShare’s own robust analytics let you support use cases such as:

  • Clinical dashboards to better manage at-risk members and deliver better care coordination
  • Closing gaps in care with event-based and time-based clinical notifications
  • Automatically identifying patients for community-wide care management, registries, and population health management
  • Spotting significant health trends in populations and individuals
  • Monitoring and assessing resource utilization such as emergency services or a hospital bed census
20-40% increase in performance measures

Innovate to Lead Your Organization to a Brighter Future

Lay the foundation for the future of care with HealthShare. Mergers and partnerships, knowledge discovery, telehealth, and other clinical process redesign efforts benefit from the comprehensive, normalized data of HealthShare’s Unified Care Record.

  • Derive value from mergers, partnerships, and other alliances sooner with visibility into all the relevant information
  • Gain the power you need for process transformation with real-time analytics
  • Contribute to the development of new diagnostics and therapies with clean data from HealthShare for real-world evidence of efficacy and after-marketing surveillance
Foundation for Innovation

Among the Industry’s Highest-Ranked Customer Support Organizations

Gartner peer insights customers' choice award

Most customers come to InterSystems because they face steep challenges and need a new engine to drive success. We become a long-term partner when our customers experience the quality of our technology and people, our business practices, and our dedication to customer success.

In 2019 and again in 2020, InterSystems was named a Gartner Peer Insights “Customers’ Choice” for Operational Database Management Systems. This is the same technology that is at the heart of HealthShare. InterSystems achieved an outstanding 4.7 out of 5 in Gartner Peer Insights for Operational Database Management Systems, as of August 11, 2020 with 70 reviews. Anonymous quotes from Peer Insights respondents included, “InterSystems is the best vendor I’ve worked with in my 25-year career. Their support structure is excellent–highly available, highly structured, highly responsive, and highly competent.”

91/100 approval rating

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Proven technology and trust in your vendor are critical to the success of the new solutions you will rely on to carry your organization forward. Contact us to learn how HealthShare and InterSystems can deliver both for you.

Contact us to begin the conversation and learn how we can help accelerate the transformation to higher-value, more sustainable care. or 1-800-753-2571.

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