Go Beyond the Limits of LIMS

trakcare_lab_enterprise_thumbThe nature of the laboratory business is changing dramatically. Market consolidation, advances in automation, genomic testing, and the increased use of point-of-care testing (PoCT) are driving major shifts regarding where, when, and how testing takes place. It is estimated that 70 percent of medical diagnoses rely on pathology test results, yet laboratories are being forced to do more with less. And even though healthcare environments are becoming increasingly interconnected, many labs are still information silos.

Funding cuts require you to function at maximum efficiency and embrace evolving business models, but the information you need to improve and evolve the business is not readily available. Your current lab information system might tell you which tests have been completed, but do you know how long they took and how much they cost? Are you blind to your own bottlenecks? Are you spending too much valuable time on manual reporting?

To survive and thrive, laboratories need a new generation of informatics solutions, designed to manage the lab as an agile, information driven business in an increasingly interconnected world.

Make Your Laboratory an Information-Driven, Connected Business

Now there is a system robust enough to help. InterSystems TrakCare® Lab Enterprise is the world’s first and only laboratory business management system, covering all the ground that a typical laboratory information management system (LIMS) does while also empowering you to capture, share, understand, and act on comprehensive operational and patient data for better business decisions and improved patient care.

Download: TrakCare Lab Enterprise

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