Patient Index - HealthShare SolutionInterSystems HealthShare Patient Index is a complete patient identity, or Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution. It can serve as the single source of truth for patient identity within a healthcare enterprise or across a health information network.

The Challenge
Health information exchanges create comprehensive patient records from many different data providers, most of which will have assigned their own identifiers to each patient. Without an EMPI to correctly align these different sources, it is impossible to fulfill the mission of the exchange.

Similarly, when healthcare providers affiliate, they are likely to be combining information assets with records for the same patients, but using different identifiers. Duplicate or misidentified records can be an issue even within a single information system. All it takes is a simple clerical error to result in two different, incomplete records for the same patient.

The Solution
Patient Index was created to provide an automated solution to the challenges of identity management. Embedded within provider workflows, it can recognize the creation of a duplicate record and trigger corrective action to prevent medical errors or adverse events. Within an information exchange, advanced probabilistic and deterministic logic for accurate record matching supports the efficient and automatic creation of multi-source, comprehensive records.

Safe, efficient care for individuals requires comprehensive, credible records. And population health management needs accurate, longitudinal data. Whether for supporting manual record review, embedding within clinical workflows, or automatically merging large volumes of records in accordance with your business rules, Patient Index supports confident care, for the right patient.

InterSystems HealthShare Patient Index: Adding safety and accuracy to shared health information

A sophisticated matching engine sits at the center of Patient Index. This set of software algorithms and services provides both deterministic and probabilistic record matching as well as automated tuning tools to adjust the algorithms based on your data set. Additionally, Patient Index includes:

Whole Record Viewer
To facilitate manual review and validation, the whole record viewer lets you efficiently compare and validate patient identity and demographics across all source records on a single screen.

Composite Record
Patient Index automatically determines which records refer to the same individual and creates a single composite demographic record for each patient. When there are slight differences between data sources, the system uses configurable rules to choose the most trusted source. Data that is out of sync or out of date can be highlighted by the system for manual review.

Workflow Integration
Patient Index includes easy-to-use and configurable workflow to manage those cases where manual intervention is required and to automatically notify other systems and facilities about important changes to patient information.

Standards-based APIs for Connectivity
Patient Index has built-in secure and robust support for standards, including IHE (PIX, PDQ, PDQm), HL7®v2, FHIR®, and Web Services. You can easily integrate Patient Index with the other applications within your enterprise.

Customized Rules
A built-in rules engine allows you to create and implement site-specific logic, such as customized patient matching and alerting.

Auditing and Security
A secure, role-based portal manages access to data and utilities. All record updates are audited, as are all decisions to link or unlink patient records.