Optimizing High-Tech, High-Touch Care

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Virtual care has gone from a novelty to standard practice in less than a year.  During the pandemic, we’ve learned online care delivery can save time and money, while the reduced risk has made even skeptics embrace change. Yet 40% of respondents to a recent polling question indicated that the biggest barrier to patient trust in digital healthcare is that it is missing the human touch.

Join us for a lively discussion with a healthcare visionary and entrepreneur, an IT leader from an innovative provider organization, and the head of a product team developing next-generation IT about the tools, technologies, and touchpoints of virtual care now and in the future.

In this event, we’ll discuss:

  • How virtual care will fit with other forms of care delivery, such as in-person visits
  • How we find the best-fit care model to engage and empower individual patients and entire populations
  • The role of data and analytics in measuring adoption and outcomes for new care models
  • Finally, the challenges of building a technology infrastructure to take remote care to the next level

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