InterSystems IRIS Data Platform for IoT Applications

Executive Summary

White Paper:
InterSystems IRIS Data Platform for IoT Applications

Every day, machines, components, containers, measurement devices, vehicles, and even people are being equipped with internet-connected sensors that transmit information, receive instructions, and even take action based on the information they receive. Today, there are more than 9 billion connected devices around the world, and that figure is rapidly growing. McKinsey predicts that the total economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion annually by the year 2025. The potential for organizations that can effectively capitalize on IoT opportunities is massive.

Traditional data management technologies and platforms are not equipped to handle the unique requirements, and the high throughput and scale, associated with IoT applications. These applications often must ingest, process, and persist the large volumes of structured and unstructured data that devices are continuously generating at very high rates, and perform intelligent programmatic actions in real time.

Consider that a typical smart energy meter application in a small to midsize city must process more than 10,000 events per second, and more than 1 billion events each day. Most traditional data-management technologies were not designed to support such use cases.

IoT applications require a different kind of data platform — one that can accommodate the challenging requirements of high throughput and scale associated with IoT applications.

This white paper discusses use cases, opportunities, and challenges associated with IoT applications across a wide range of industries, and presents a proven, powerful data platform that delivers a complete and unified environment for developing, executing, and managing these applications.

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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform for IoT Applications