InterSystems data platform in a distributed transaction processing environment

InterSystems Data Platform: Proven, mission-critical, concurrent transactional and analytic processing at scale
Successful financial services organizations today must be able to simultaneously process transactional and analytic workloads at high scale (handling millions of messages per second while supporting thousands of analytic queries from hundreds of applications) without incident. The consequences of dropped trades, or worse – a system failure – can be severe, incurring financial losses and damage to the reputation of the firm.

InterSystems data platform is a hybrid transactional/analytic processing (HTAP) database platform that delivers the performance of an in-memory database with the reliability of a traditional operational database.

Unlike any other database, it is optimized to concurrently accommodate both very high transactional workloads and a high volume of analytical queries on the transactional data. It does so without compromise, incident, or performance degradation, even during periods of extreme volatility and requires fewer DBAs than other databases. In fact, many installations do not need a dedicated DBA at all.

An open environment for defining business logic and building mobile and/or web-based user interfaces enables rapid development and agile business innovation.

For one leading global investment bank, the InterSystems data platform is processing billions of daily transactions, resulting in a 3-5x throughput increase, a 10x performance increase, and a 75% reduction in operating costs. The solution has operated without incident since its inception in 2007.

InterSystems Caché
At the core of the InterSystems data platform is InterSystems Caché, the industry’s only comprehensive, multi-model database that delivers blazingly fast transactional and analytic performance without sacrificing scalability, reliability, or security. Caché supports relational, object-oriented, document, key-value, and hierarchical data types, all in a common persistent storage tier.

Caché offers a unique set of features that make it attractive for mission-critical high performance transaction management and analytics applications, including:

  • High performance for transactional workloads with built-in persistence
  • High performance for analytic workloads
  • Lower total cost of ownership

InterSystems data platform for Financial ServicesInterSystems data platform is enabling financial services organizations to process high transactional and analytic workloads concurrently, without compromising either type – using a single platform – with the highest levels of performance and reliability, even when transaction volumes spike.

For more than 35 years, InterSystems has been the engine behind the world’s most important applications. In financial services, healthcare, government, and wherever lives and livelihoods are at stake, millions of people worldwide depend on the power, scale, integration, and performance of InterSystems’ technology.

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