Health Connect - HealthShareInterSystems HealthShare Health Connect is the world’s first, best, and only service bus designed specifically for the demands of the healthcare information technology environment.

The Connectivity Challenge
Healthcare organizations manage hundreds of different specialized applications, systems, and devices that must work together efficiently, securely, and without interruption. Typically organizations try to manage connectivity using either an integration engine or an enterprise service bus (ESB). An integration engine provides HL7®-messaging-based connectivity and is usually easy to set up at a departmental level. Over time, however, these engines are unable to keep up with the need for more connections and faster-paced innovation.

A general-purpose ESB is good at coordinating services across an enterprise, but does not understand the intricacies of healthcare and lacks robust support for healthcare standards. This leads to costly and inefficient workarounds.

A Health Service Bus
Health Connect combines the sophisticated service-oriented architecture (SOA) features found in ESBs with the ease of use and rapid integration associated with messaging engines. It also includes built-in support for all major health interoperability standards. The result is a unique solution that is feature-rich and scalable enough to support the most demanding healthcare settings—from hospitals to nationwide systems—while remaining light-weight and agile enough to be bundled within commercial software products.

Health Connect is the next-generation, healthcare-specific version of InterSystems Ensemble® integration platform, which has been consistently top-ranked by KLAS every year since 2006. It delivers the high-volume transaction support, unparalleled process management, and continuous monitoring required for the “always on” business of healthcare.

InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect: Agile integration to power care transformation

Health Connect is built on the Ensemble service oriented architecture (SOA). It includes:

Certified Standards-based Interoperability
Health Connect conforms to IHE standards and supports ADHA (Australia), ASTM, CDA® and CCD®, CCDA®, DICOM, Direct Secure Messaging, DMP (France), EDIFACT, HL7® FHIR®, HL7® Version 2, HL7® Version 3, IHE, ITK (United Kingdom), My Health Record (Australia), NCPDP, SS-MIX (Japan), X12, xDT (Germany).

Business Process and Workflow Management
Built-in support is included for long-running guaranteed business processes as well as coordinated human workflow. Easy-to-use graphical designers for rules and business processes let you quickly automate business processes and information flow.

Data Transformation
Health Connect includes powerful yet intuitive transformation tools to quickly and efficiently transform data from one format to another. This is an essential part of the connected healthcare landscape.

Event Detection and Monitoring
Robust and flexible monitoring and alerting functionality to ensure information continues to flow even when source systems pause or fail. Messages are never lost, and an interrupted business process can always restart from the point of interruption.

Scalability and Security
Clinical care requires real-time connectivity at scale. Health Connect easily scales to handle the transaction volumes of some of the largest and most complex healthcare providers in the world.

Visual Diagnostics and Auditing
Facilitate the creation, debugging, and support of all your interfaces with industry-leading message trace capabilities, a powerful test harness, and robust auditing.